FinancialCentre Review: How FinancialCentre helped me become a better trader?


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One of the biggest challenges in investing is finding a good broker. And that is why I am here writing a FinancialCentre review– my personal favorite online broker.

Finding a reliable broker is like trying to find that perfect diamond ring amidst all those other jewellery stores at a mall, but with many more options. If you think this sounds difficult, it gets even harder when considering brokers are also not created equally and only an individual can know which one will suit them best for their needs based on what they want out of trading and how much risk they’re willing to take on themselves. But don’t worry!

For every thousand or so bad ones there’s always going to be at least three really great choices waiting patiently among the rest just as hungry for your business as any other company would be if given the chance – no matter how small their chances may seem right now. And honestly, the more choices you have to pick from the better because then there’s that much higher of a chance you’ll find one that suits your needs and desires perfectly.

This FinancialCentre review is going to be all about its pros and cons. So, keep on reading!

FinancialCentre is one of the few brokers that offer a unique and exciting trading experience. They are honest, dependable, and have competitive prices for all traders without any hidden fees or deals to worry about. The customer service was always happy to help with anything I needed so they really made me feel like an important client- which actually felt pretty good!

They have a very simple and easy-to-use trading platform that made it extremely painless to trade CFDs. It has up-to-date news feeds along with company information about any stock I may have ever wanted. The educational resources are quite useful for newbie traders like myself who are just learning how to make the right trades.

Let’s start this FinancialCentre review with:

Trading Assets and Tools:

I was surprised to learn that this platform offers five different types of assets, which are Crypto, stocks/stocks markets (equities), indices or stock market indexes such as the S&P 500 index and NASDAQ composite index in the US; currencies from over 23 countries around the world; commodities including gold bullion coins or bars.

It is worth mentioning in this FinancialCentre review that the platform offers more than 200 available for trading. I became amazed when I took a look at some of these names like Tesla Motors Inc., Amazon Corporation, and Zoom Video Communications Incorporated among others!

These can be traded only if you have an account with them otherwise it would not be possible owing to restrictions in Iran and the USA respectively – unfortunate indeed!

I had to investigate this broker after I heard about how well-structured and put together all of their assets were. When I looked into the “asset index” section, it was immediately clear that they went above and beyond by alphabetizing them for me! It also saved some time from having to scroll through countless pages or lists just looking everywhere else.

Now, let’s touch on the topic of tools as well in this FinancialCentre review. So this platform uses all the latest and greatest technologies that can help a trader in his/her trading. From charting to little details like date and time at top corner, language selection, embedded live chat icon etc., these were some great utilities available for traders with access to them which was amazing!

Although I didn’t have much influence over website design throughout my experience here there are tons of charts you could work with or tweak quite a bit if given chance- something I’d love doing really soon actually; because it might be possible otherwise?

FinancialCentre Review: How FinancialCentre helped me become a better trader?

Education Center:

I always say that the educational center of a platform tells a lot about how much they care for their clients. So, touching this topic in my FinancialCentre review was important.

The platform provides its users with the resources that they need to be successful in trading without overwhelming them. The center includes a community forum where you can ask and discuss questions about topics such as risk management, using tools and following videos from other traders.

The glossary section has helped me to learn the basic terminologies in Forex trading. There are many terms and concepts that I was not familiar with before, such as leverage, margin call, pip value – but after reading through them they all made sense!

FAQ is the section where you will find many answers to commonly asked questions, some of the examples include how trading commissions are calculated, what is leverage and margin, etc. Forex is a form of trading that focuses on exchanging currencies. It’s possible to make money by Forex-trading, but it can take some time before you start making any significant profits – usually more than six months at the least and up to two years in rare cases.

Another thing worth mentioning in this FinancialCentre review is that this platform provides excellent information about how this works for beginners who are interested in learning more about currency exchange markets. What types of risks should be considered? How do I know when my trades will yield profit or loss? These questions are answered through their informative materials which go into great detail with examples provided so no one feels lost!

The asset index section is actually pretty cool because it shows you what all the assets are available in FinancialCentre’s platform for your perusal along with their prices on a graph and also includes helpful information such as risk rating and trading volume. This is helpful for those who are looking to invest in the market but aren’t sure where to start or what types of assets they should be focusing on!

Customer Service:

The trading support team has been a great help in this challenging market. But I want to appreciate in this FinancialCentre review about the platforms customer service. They have helped me make trades and get some profits, as well as solve any problems that I’ve had along the way. The customer service representatives are knowledgeable about how to trade which is really helpful for someone like me who needs guidance on what they should be doing with their stocks!

It’s such an easy process too – all you need to do is send them your problem through live chat or email, and they will reply promptly within just a few minutes so you don’t waste time worrying excessively over it because of course, one can always lose money when investing but if there was anything my experience taught me then it’s not let investments take control of our emotions at least by letting yourself get bummed out over them!”

When I first signed up for a FinancialCentre’s trading account, I was learning about the US stock market and how to trade on such an advanced platform. Luckily, their customer service representatives were very friendly and helpful when I had any questions or concerns, even if my queries seemed silly back then!

During the first week of trading, I was still figuring out what to do, so I asked them questions about how the system worked and they explained everything thoroughly in detail. They also gave me some tips on what stocks to buy and sell when my portfolio grew! It really helped that they have such a great customer service team because they are all committed to providing their customers with the best trading experience!” I have a strong bias towards the customer service of FinancialCentre review.

FinancialCentre customer service is available 24/7, so when you need help with any problem there are people ready to assist. You can always reach them during the day and even on holidays or weekends if necessary for a quick response time! The operators will do all they can to resolve issues as quickly as possible whenever you call in.

Payment Methods:

Another topic I want to talk about in this FinancialCentre review is their payment methods. I love how easy it is to deposit money into my account so I can put that extra cash in and get some more interest on the side! Withdrawing might take a day or two, but with their security measures, you don’t have anything to worry about.

The trading platform makes everything simple for me- even comparing other platforms if I want. All of this just pushes up my satisfaction level and keeps me coming back time after time again!

FinancialCentre has many payment options available when you decide to trade with them. There’s an automatic withdrawal option which works great if you have a bank account attached or a debit card; there’s also a credit option so if you need more time to pay for your trade or don’t have the money you can do so! FinancialCentre is fantastic at providing security to its clients.


Now to sum up my FinancialCentre review, all I have to say is that this platform provides a safe and secure environment for trading and investing. Their concepts are well organized, clear inputs provide in terms of making profits from your investment in this financial software with helpful tools to take stock of how you manage trades/investments. One word describes FinancialCenter – Simply Amazing!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation

Audrey Throne
Audrey Throne
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