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Why fast refresh rates and 5G are important for streaming?

Refresh rates and pure internet connections are crucial if you want to enjoy seamless streaming. Whether it’s to catch up on TV shows or play games on the move, we have become a streaming species.

And the glue that holds it all together is refresh rates and internet connections. Read on to uncover what refresh rates really are and how together with 5G, they could enhance cloud gaming.

What are refresh rates?

A refresh rate is the number of times the image on a screen update each second. To the naked eye, you cannot see the screen update/refresh because it happens so quickly, sometimes as many as 240 times each second. The more times the screen refreshes each second, the smoother the visuals appear.

Refresh rates are exceptionally high on mobile live casino games; these games demand no bumps or lags to ensure player confidence and casino transparency when money is on the table. The demand for higher refresh rates in MMORPG games is smaller and often not as good as live casino games.

If you are an MMORPG player and want to see if you can notice a difference, consider playing some of the highest graphic live casino games, like Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming, which boasts impeccable graphics and lag-free loading times.

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of wireless internet connectivity. It is an upgrade from 4G that most mobile users enjoy today, but it’s not just a small upgrade. Some experts predict that 5G will be x1000 faster than what we experience today. It will also reduce any lag times with lower latency.

5G will contribute to faster mobile gaming, but it will be exceptional for streaming other types of content like video. With this super-fast wireless speed, we will be able to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, SLICE, and all the other popular streaming sites with less trouble on the move.

The expansion of 5G will also facilitate the development of 5G cell phones that are more suited to streaming.

5G, Refresh Rates and Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is one of the latest ways people are choosing to play their favorite video games. Instead of owning a bulky console – and the need to keep it clean – players use a control pad and can switch between different devices while playing the same game. For example, they can go from computer to TV to mobile – all thanks to the cloud.

But one of the most significant issues with cloud gaming in its earlier years has been lagging problems when moving to smaller devices like a smartphone. Streaming video games to your mobile device will become a lot more appealing once 5G is widely available, which subsequently improves capacity for improved refresh rates.

It’s possible that 5G could be the technology that catapults cloud gaming, i.e. streaming games from the cloud across devices, into a gamer’s favorite.

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