How to Download Movies On Netflix for Offline Watching?


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If you’re a Netflix member, you may be wondering how to download Nextflix videos for offline viewing. Although Netflix allows you to download the movies and shows you want, there are limitations, such as how many movies you can download. Furthermore, you can’t share downloaded movies with friends. 

If you’d like to watch videos that are available on Netflix without paying, you can follow our easy steps in this article to download Nextflix videos legally and freely.

Why a Netflix Downloader is Necessary?

Not all the time you’ll have the internet connection to go online to watch your favourite movies/shows. Most importantly, there is no built-in download feature on the Netflix website or app. These are the reasons why some Netflix users want a third-party program for help.

If you don’t like the limitations of Netflix’s offline viewing feature then your best choice is StreamFab Netflix Video Downloader

StreamFab Netflix Video Downloader

StreamFab All-in-one is a one-stop-shop for downloading videos from Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, and other sites. If you’re one of the many people who wish to download Netflix movies and television shows, StreamFab is the right choice for you. Apart from being able to download and watch your favorite movies and TV shows in high-quality 1080p, StreamFab also lets you capture streaming videos and save them in various formats. You can burn videos directly to storage media, as well as enjoy your downloads on your PC. 

StreamFab supports both Windows and Mac platforms, and it also supports other mainstream media, such as YouTube, Facebook, and more.  For even greater convenience, it is also compatible with all the popular streaming websites, including Netflix. StreamFab allows you to select a codec for each of these formats depending on your needs and preferences.

In addition to being compatible with most media servers, StreamFab is also capable of downloading subtitles. You can choose subtitles in any language or country, as well as save metadata for your videos. Moreover, StreamFab offers a batch mode, which means you can download multiple videos at once.

StreamFab Netflix Downloader is a reliable software designed exclusively to download Netflix videos and TV shows, with video files up to 1080p and EAC3 audio tracks, providing you with the most efficient way to download Netflix movies without any limit.

With the help of this software, you will be able to access the Netflix content of different regions which wouldn’t have been available on your Netflix application.

How to Download Movies On Netflix for Offline Watching?

Pros of StreamFab Netflix Downloader:

  • No download expiration time.
  • Easy to operate for offline viewing.
  • Download 1080p videos and EAC3 5.1 audio tracks.
  • Download videos in MP4 format, which are compatible with most players.
  • Ad-free during the download process.
  • Select audio and subtitles according to users’ languages.
  • Batch download and fast speed.
  • Save metadata compatible with your media server.

Other Features

It saves meta information

StreamFab’s Netflix video downloader downloads movies in high-resolution MP4 format for compatibility with most devices. The program saves meta information for videos, such as genre and title, and can even download subtitles. It also saves the movie name, genre, and plot. This downloader is extremely versatile and makes it easy to watch movies on the go. The program also lets you save video content’s subtitles and meta information.

It is easy to use

StreamFab’s Netflix video downloader makes downloading videos as easy as clicking one button. It recognizes Netflix titles and displays the options for audio, subtitles, bit rate, resolution, and more. It allows you to select multiple videos to download and can even save them to MP4 files for offline viewing. The program also offers the ability to save multiple videos at once, which is great for those who are constantly on the go.

StreamFab’s built-in browser makes it easy to download videos from popular sites. It even lists supported websites alphabetically. The default site is YouTube, and you can browse through the list of supported sites. StreamFab also lets you search for videos by URL and download the entire movie without hassle. Another bonus is that it can download multiple videos at once. That means you can watch them on your computer, and you’ll never have to wait to see your favorite movies.

How to Use StreamFab Downloader to Download Videos From Netflix?

  • Install and download StreamFab Netflix Downloader
  • Launch StreamFab Netflix Downloader
  • Hover over to the Netflix streaming platform
  • Search the Netflix video, television show episodes, or documentary you want to download
  • Press play. And afterward, a popup window will show up asking if you want to download the video right away or add it to the download task line and manually begin to download it later.

Finals Words

StreamFab Netflix Video Downloader is an excellent program for quickly downloading movies from Netflix. Users who want to download Netflix videos will enjoy the convenience of the program’s easy installation and step-by-step guide. It also allows for high-quality downloads and the option to save audio tracks and subtitles. Another top feature that sets this app apart from its competitors is its money-back guarantee. It is important to choose a downloader carefully, and Streamfab meets all of those requirements.

If you are a Netflix lover and prefer to download Netflix videos before watching to avoid unnecessary lag or buffering, choosing StreamFab Netflix Video Downloader is the best choice.

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