Cossy Magnetic Tiles Review: Why It Helps Children’s Development?


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Parents do want to surprise their kids by buying toys, but they don’t like toys with low playability. When they are looking for toys, they want to find safe and effective ones. They also prefer toys that last longer and ultimately help children’s development. Cossy Magnetic Building Tiles would be a great choice! They are perfect for children who love to build structures using magnets.

There are many benefits of magnetic tiles: on the one hand, the price is meager, so it is suitable for most families! On the other hand, children are naturally curious and imaginative. They can easily develop their own ideas and solve problems using their imagination. This is why they need to be able to express their creativity and imagination in order to develop their critical thinking skills. The magnetic tiles are designed to encourage children’s creativity and promote problem-solving skills.

Product Infomation:

This 120-pack set includes 4 large squares, 44 small squares, 2 fences, 4 rectangles, 4 “L”s, 24 triangles, 10 long triangles, 16 wide triangles, 2 windows, 2 window frames, 2 doors, 2 double doors, 2 gates, and 2 car bases.
The item’s weight is 3.82 kilograms, dimensions is 12.60” x 9.45” x 4.09” inches.


The Cossy Magnetic Building Tiles are designed in basic mathematical geometry shapes.

The great thing about these building tiles is that they are made of ABS plastic materials. ABS plastic is an important material for children’s safety since it can withstand a lot of pressure and protects the floor from scratches. In addition, the bright colors on these tiles will help your child concentrate more easily while playing with them, which is an important factor for developing visual motor integration skills.

The biggest advantage of using these tiles is that they are suitable for both preschools and kindergartens because they are designed in a way that allows children to develop their creativity while playing with them. Depending on the child’s imagination, they can be used in various ways like making cars or superheroes out of these tiles.


Some customers report that the magnetism is not strong, but some report that the magnetism is too strong. This review is more subjective, and it is recommended to experience it yourself after purchasing the product.

Cossy Brief Introduction:

This brand is committed to developing toys that provide children with freedom, joy, and development, while also helping parents make wise decisions when it comes to offering toys.

Cossy provides high-quality toys at reasonable prices so that more children can play with high-quality toys and have a happy childhood. The team cares about the safety and environmental protection of toys, and constantly improves toys based on children’s experiences and customer feedback.

If you would like to know more information about the magnetic tiles or purchase this item now, you can check on

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