Can You Make Money On Your Phone in 2022?


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If there’s one thing we know about today’s smartphones is that they cost a lot of money. And this sometimes makes us think whether we could use them to make a bit of money while away from home. While smartphones have some inherent limitations when compared to larger form-factor computers, they can be used for work and other types of money-making activities.


Smartphones are perfect for completing surveys online. They are always at hand when you have a few minutes of spare time, and the typical survey doesn’t take more than that. All you need to do is find a few pollsters like SurveyMonkey or Swagbucks, with cash rewards, and you’re good to go.

There are more than enough of these out there, so it shouldn’t be hard. After registration and an initial evaluation, you’ll start getting invitations to surveys that you can complete on your commute, on your lunch break or before bed.


Playing games on the go may seem like a good time-killer – but what if it would also make some money? There are games that you can play on the go that can actually do that – if you are good at them, of course. There are skill-based games ranging from dominoes to solitaire that you can play to reach the highest-possible place on a leaderboard – and win real money prizes if you’re good enough.


And, of course, there’s always the option to go with games of chance. For a chance to win real money on the go, all you need to do is find the best payout online casino in your area, register an account, make a deposit and go for it.

While online casinos have tons of games that are ruled exclusively on luck, there are also a few that you can play to win – and if you’re good, you can even turn a nice profit on the train to work or on your lunch break. The secret is choosing the right game and keeping in mind all the basic rules for responsible gaming.

Shop (in real life)

Some of the most interesting ways to make an extra buck or two on the go are the services that turn you into a mystery shopper, like the one called FieldAgent. With it, retailers get instant insights into what their customers see and feel, and “agents” can quickly earn a few extra bucks simply by shopping (and submitting their experience to the service).

This type of job works great as a side hustle that you can do while away from the office. When you get notified of a new gig, you can ignore it when you’re otherwise occupied – and reserve it when you are free, head over to the store, complete the gig, and get paid.

Final words

Making money on your phone is nice – but don’t expect it to turn you into a millionaire. These things usually pay small amounts that work great as an extra buck to round up your monthly budget but won’t pay the bills. Still, it is a fun way to turn your smartphone into a pocket money-making machine

Shoumili Sarkar
Shoumili Sarkar
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