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Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie soundtrack is a standout feature of the 2023 summer blockbuster, and ranking the songs has been a challenging task. While most of the songs capture the film’s fun-loving and glossy spirit, some exceptional tracks stand out for their impact on specific moments and scenes. Though many songs on the Barbie movie soundtrack may have commercial appeal, there are surprising gems from renowned musical artists that make it truly great.

Mattel’s success with Barbie has paved the way for future movies based on their popular toys, indicating a potential Hollywood franchise. This opens up opportunities for more celebrated musical artists to contribute to future Mattel film albums. The current Barbie movie soundtrack boasts stars like Lizzo, Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Charlie XCX, Sam Smith, Ryan Gosling, Barbenheimer, and Barb ‘n HAIM. The inclusion of artists like the Indigo Girls and Matchbox Twenty in the film but not on the official Barbie movie soundtrack is worth mentioning.

Barbie: The Album offers a star-studded collection of songs, featuring classic hits like “Spice Up Your Life” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” at pivotal moments in the movie. Coping with the emotional highs and lows of seeing Barbie becomes easier by listening to the Barbie movie soundtrack on the way home.

Below, I’ve ranked every song on the Barbie movie soundtrack from worst to best, considering both personal liking and how well the song complements the movie. It’s important to note that even the lowest-ranked songs are not necessarily bad but rather new discoveries worth revisiting. Potential light spoilers for the film may be present ahead.

(Note: Since the actual list of songs and their rankings is not provided, I cannot give you the specific rankings. If you provide the list of songs from the Barbie movie soundtrack, I’ll be happy to help you rank them!)

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Songs On The Barbie Movie Soundtrack Ranked

Here’s a ranked list of the songs on the Barbie movie soundtrack, from worst to best, based on the quality of the music, replay value, and their impact on the film:

17. “Forever & Again” by The Kid LAROI

“Forever & Again” by The Kid LAROI is reminiscent of the artist’s current style, characterized by his Post Malone-esque croon and Auto-Tuned rapping. The song centers on the theme of sticking by your partner’s side through the highs and lows. However, it may not entirely align with the image and themes of the Barbie movie.

The Kid LAROI gained significant mainstream recognition in 2021 with his hit “Stay,” featuring Justin Bieber. “Forever & Again” showcases his signature passion and emotional sound, and while it may please his fans with its heartfelt lyrics and crisp vocals, it feels somewhat out of place among the other songs on the Barbie movie soundtrack. The track lacks a direct connection to the Barbie themes and could have easily been released as a separate single, unrelated to the film project.

Overall, while “Forever & Again” may be a solid addition to The Kid LAROI’s discography, its placement in the Barbie movie soundtrack raises questions about its relevance to the film’s narrative and themes.

A heartfelt song but doesn’t connect well with the Barbie theme.

16. “butterflies” by GAYLE

GAYLE, known for her hit song “abcdefu,” makes a strong appearance on the Barbie album with the pop-punk track “butterflies.” The song stands out as an outlier amidst the otherwise mainstream songs on the album. While “butterflies” accurately embodies the character of Weird Barbie portrayed by Kate McKinnon in the film, it may not be the easiest song to listen to, especially when considering its replay value.

The track has a lot going on and can feel overwhelmed by its own force, possibly making it a bit challenging for some listeners. However, one notable aspect of “butterflies” is its clever use of a popular sample from “Butterflies” by Crazy Town. This sample flips the original ‘male gaze’ lyrics on their head, adding depth and subversion to the song’s overall theme.

Some may consider “butterflies” a hidden gem on the Barbie album, and its inclusion showcases GAYLE’s talent beyond her well-known track “ABCDEFU.” While some listeners might have missed her performance as an opener for Taylor Swift during The Eras Tour, her contribution to the Barbie movie soundtrack shines a spotlight on her artistry.

In the end, “butterflies” captures the essence of Weird Barbie, and despite its intricacies, it remains a beloved representation of the character in the film.

Though it accurately portrays Weird Barbie in the film, the song is overwhelming and lacks replay value.

15. “Pink” by Lizzo

Lizzo’s song “Pink” serves as a fantastic and catchy introduction to Barbie Land in the film, setting the tone for the overall story. However, as a standalone single without the context of the movie, it suffers in terms of replay value. Lizzo’s exceptional voice shines as always, but the song is heavily intertwined with the on-screen action, making it less enjoyable when listened to separately on the album.

The lyrics of “Pink” revolve around the childlike idealization of the Barbie doll, initially giving the impression that the film may be a simple story aimed exclusively at kids. However, it’s important to note that the Barbie movie delves into deeper themes beyond the surface-level portrayal of the iconic toy.

While the soundtrack version of “Pink” captures the movie’s tone perfectly, the reviewer wishes more of the song’s lyrics were included on the album, particularly a reprise that left a lasting comedic impression. The track’s silliness and catchiness make it enjoyable and fitting for the film.

Lizzo’s disco-inflected, midtempo track humorously celebrates the power of the color pink, using an acronym to spell out its attributes: “P, pretty; I, intelligent; N, never sad; K, cool.” This self-awareness adds depth to the song, fitting well in the context of a feminist-leaning Barbie movie. However, compared to Lizzo’s typically effervescent hits, some may find “Pink” slightly lackluster.

Overall, “Pink” is an entertaining and fitting addition to the Barbie movie soundtrack, but its full charm is best experienced within the context of the movie itself.

Catchy and fun as an introduction to Barbie Land in the film, but it relies heavily on the movie’s context.

14. “Choose Your Fighter” by Ava Max

“Choose Your Fighter” by Ava Max fits well within the singer’s usual style, which has both positive and negative implications on the Barbie album. The energetic techno-inspired beat has the potential to be invigorating, but the lyrics are somewhat lackluster and drift into cliché territory, making the song feel uninspired. Additionally, the track bears a strong resemblance to Ava Max’s previous hit “Kings & Queens,” which might give listeners a sense of familiarity.

Ava Max has previously sampled Aqua with “Not Your Barbie Girl,” and she revisits that vibe with this all-new song for the Barbie movie soundtrack. The track exudes an amped-up energy that appeals to listeners.

The chorus of “Choose Your Fighter” does indeed sound strikingly similar to Ava Max’s hit “Kings & Queens,” and surprisingly, this similarity works in the song’s favor. The poppy empowerment anthem pays homage to dance music of the ’90s and 2000s, emphasizing the theme of being true to oneself and forging a unique path in life. The lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their individuality, comparing them to a “designer” on life’s runway with the wings of a butterfly and the eyes of a tiger.

Overall, “Choose Your Fighter” by Ava Max is a catchy addition to the Barbie movie soundtrack, aligning well with her established style and offering an empowering message. However, some listeners might find its similarity to her previous hit slightly too familiar. Nevertheless, the song manages to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere that fits the essence of the Barbie movie.

The energetic beat has potential, but the positive yet clichéd lyrics don’t make it stand out.

13. “Silver Platter” by Khalid

“Silver Platter” by Khalid, featured on the Barbie movie soundtrack, presents a slow dance-y song that plays during a funny scene in the movie where Ken asks Barbie if he can spend the night. However, despite its connection to a particular scene in the film, it’s not a song that the reviewer sees themselves actively seeking out to listen to separately.

Khalid’s contribution to the Barbie movie soundtrack follows his well-established R&B-adjacent, adult-contemporary-friendly style. The lyrics revolve around chasing a love interest who seems uninterested or unresponsive, expressing the sentiment of offering the world on a “silver platter” and questioning if it would even make a difference.

While “Silver Platter” is not a bad song, it doesn’t feel like a crucial addition to the overall tracklist. It may not stand out significantly or leave a lasting impact compared to other songs on the album.

The song appears to be sung from the perspective of a lovesick Ken, who doesn’t offer much more than expressions of yearning and a plea for a chance with Barbie. The lack of a more convincing argument, as the reviewer humorously points out, adds a light-hearted touch to the character portrayal in the song.

In conclusion, “Silver Platter” fits Khalid’s signature style but may not resonate strongly with all listeners, making it a song that doesn’t particularly stand out on the Barbie movie soundtrack.

Catchy and enjoyable with a great groove and vocals.

12. “WATATI (feat. Aldo Ranks)” by KAROL G

“WATATI” by Karol G, the Colombian hitmaker, brings a refreshing Latin flair to the Barbie movie soundtrack. The song’s English translation suggests it revolves around the desire to have a man take you to the disco and party until the morning.

The track stands out for its strong start, capturing listeners with its energy and danceable qualities. Its reggaeton influence infuses the song with a bouncy bass and a Latin feel, making it easy to dance to and exuding a ton of energy. This lively contribution by Karol G adds a great dose of fun-loving energy to the movie and is arguably more effective in doing so than some of the efforts by other major pop stars on the album.

As the second released single from the Barbie album, “WATATI” has played a pivotal role in marketing the film to a wider, more global audience, introducing them to the Latin vibes and the fun atmosphere of the movie.

Overall, “WATATI” is a strong addition to the Barbie movie soundtrack, delivering a vibrant and infectious Latin-infused track that perfectly complements the movie’s lively and energetic spirit.

A danceable reggaeton track that energizes the film.

11. “Barbie Dreams (feat. Kaliii)” by FIFTY FIFTY

“Barbie Dreams” is a delightful K-pop collaboration that encapsulates the kind of world Barbie envisions and wishes to live in – a world where her waking life is as pink and perfect as her dreams. The song exudes a bubbly and blissful representation of stereotypical Barbie’s frame of mind and her naive worldview before encountering the harsh realities of the Real World.

As the last track on the album, “Barbie Dreams” serves as an upbeat and distinctive K-pop-influenced finale. The song perfectly captures Barbie’s fantasy-driven mindset before she confronts the challenges of reality. The lyrics are punchy and dreamlike, staying true to the source material and the essence of Barbie’s character.

The track also stands out as a signature K-pop electronica with the characteristic upbeat and catchy melody, emphasizing the lightheartedness of Barbie’s world. If “Barbie Dreams” was intended as a filler track, it successfully fulfills its role, adding a touch of whimsy and fun to the overall soundtrack.

The song is performed by the South Korean girl group Fifty Fifty and features bubblegum-pop vibes. It portrays a cheerful narrative of living out fantasies with friends, creating a picture of a world where everything is gorgeous and glamorous. The influence of Kim Petras on the track is evident, prompting the question of why Barbie didn’t collaborate with Petras herself for the project.

Overall, “Barbie Dreams” by Fifty Fifty is a delightful addition to the soundtrack, capturing the essence of Barbie’s dream world with its bouncy melody and upbeat energy. It leaves listeners with a cheerful and whimsical impression of Barbie’s fantasy-filled realm.

A bubbly and dreamlike track that fits the K-POP influences well.

10. “Dance The Night” by Dua Lipa

The second track on the Barbie movie soundtrack continues with the disco theme, a zone where Dua Lipa is certainly comfortable. The song is a groovy romp about dancing in perfect rhythm, regardless of the circumstances. The lyrics convey the message of dancing the night away, even if Barbie might be having intrusive thoughts about death. Despite any internal struggles, Barbie maintains a picture-perfect exterior, with her heart burning inside, yet not showing it on her face.

Dua Lipa’s powerful vocals deliver the message of dancing through any hardship, aligning well with the movie’s feminist commentary. The lyrics reflect Barbie’s determination to keep the party going and maintain her poise without a hair out of place, even when she might be dealing with emotional challenges.

The song exudes a feel-good vibe, encouraging listeners to embrace the dance floor and let go of their worries. Dua Lipa’s confident delivery captures the essence of Barbie’s unwavering spirit, emphasizing her ability to dance and celebrate life, even in the face of difficult thoughts.

Overall, the track provides a groovy and empowering addition to the Barbie movie soundtrack, showcasing Dua Lipa’s comfort in the disco theme and delivering a message of resilience and perseverance, which resonates well with the movie’s themes and Barbie’s character.

Regrettably not one of her best efforts, it feels familiar and hollow.

9. “Man I Am” by Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s contribution to the Barbie movie soundtrack is a sultry and tongue-in-cheek song that plays on the concept of protecting manliness, representing the ideal image of Ken. The lyrics humorously portray a character who is “beefed up” and macho, emphasizing traditional notions of masculinity and the need to preserve it. The song takes a playful approach, with Sam Smith adopting a low tone for the verses and a higher pitch for the melodic disco chorus.

The track serves as an ironic “no homo” dance anthem for the Kens, poking fun at societal expectations of masculinity while delivering a catchy and entertaining song. The juxtaposition of the serious and self-assured verses with the playful and melodic chorus adds to the song’s charm.

Sam Smith’s inclusion as a surprise artist on the Barbie album is a great addition for all Kens, offering a fresh and unique perspective on the soundtrack. Smith’s creative style has evolved over the years, and their contribution to the Barbie movie feels like a natural fit, demonstrating their versatility as an artist.

The song’s purpose in the film taps into the theme of the unrealized inner worth of all unappreciated Kens out there, encouraging them to let loose and embrace their individuality. Sam Smith successfully creates a feel-good pop song that maintains originality and aligns with the message of empowerment and self-expression present in the movie.

Overall, Sam Smith’s song adds a playful and witty touch to the Barbie movie soundtrack, offering a memorable and enjoyable anthem for Kens that challenges traditional gender norms with humor and creativity.

A feel-good pop song with a strong sense of purpose in the film.

8. “Journey To The Real World” by Tame Impala

“Journey to the Real World” by Tame Impala is a short, rushing, and whimsical track that could be a perfect addition to any workout or commute playlist. The song’s spacey psych-rock style, reminiscent of Tame Impala’s signature sound, adds a dreamy and ethereal quality to Barbie’s passage from Barbie World to the Real World in the film.

As a literal interlude, the song perfectly captures the transition between the two worlds, reflecting Barbie’s journey with its dreamy melody and futuristic, spaced-themed sounds. Tame Impala’s expertise in creating lofty soundscapes of idealized worlds makes their inclusion in the Barbie soundtrack a natural fit, enhancing the movie’s fantastical elements.

Despite being a quick, minute-and-a-half track and plot-specific, “Journey to the Real World” leaves a strong impact and leaves listeners wishing for a longer version of the song. If given the chance to expand on the concept and explore more musical territories, it has the potential to be the best track on the entire album.

Overall, “Journey to the Real World” by Tame Impala offers a captivating and immersive experience, making it a standout and essential addition to the Barbie soundtrack. Its rushing and whimsical nature, coupled with the dreamy melody, sets the right mood and mindset for both real-world activities and imaginative journeys through Barbie’s world.

A short, interlude-like track with Tame Impala’s signature sound.

7. “Barbie World (with Aqua)” by Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice

The absence of Aqua’s iconic 1997 hit “Barbie Girl” from the Barbie movie soundtrack initially sparked disappointment and outrage among fans. However, Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice stepped up to sample the song and delivered an updated independence anthem titled “Barbie World,” which proved to be a worthy replacement.

“Barbie World” features a contagious trap beat, produced by Ice Spice’s go-to producer RiotUSA, and is filled with cheeky and playful lyrics effortlessly delivered by Minaj and Spice. The duo’s back-and-forth trade of bars adds to the song’s charm and showcases their individual styles while paying homage to the beloved Barbie brand.

Nicki Minaj, with her personal brand built around the Barbie persona, and Spice, possessing an ineffable magnetism akin to Barbie, are the perfect artists to put their spin on “Barbie Girl” and create a theme song for the modern It Girl.

With its catchy beat and playful lyrics, “Barbie World” captures the essence of Barbie’s allure and empowers her as a symbol of independence and self-expression. The song celebrates the idea of being a confident and empowered woman, embodying the spirit of the Barbie character.

Overall, “Barbie World” serves as a fitting anthem for the modern It Girl, combining the nostalgia of the original “Barbie Girl” with a contemporary twist that aligns perfectly with Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s unique styles. The inclusion of the sample pays homage to the beloved 90s song and ensures that the Barbie movie soundtrack 2023 remains vibrant and relevant to a new generation of fans.

Fresh and captivating with great lyrical punches.

6. “Angel” by PinkPantheress

PinkPantheress, a rising British bedroom-pop act, gained popularity in recent years by sharing song demos on TikTok, amassing a devoted following on the platform and gradually entering the mainstream music scene. “Angel” is a track that highlights the artist’s distinctive Auto-Tuned vocals, accompanied by a unique blend of synths, strings, and an intriguing Celtic fiddle.

The fiddle element in “Angel” adds an epic and adventurous touch to the song, setting it apart from typical bedroom-pop tracks. While it may not be the listener’s absolute favorite, it stands out as a hidden gem within the Barbie movie soundtrack 2023, offering a captivating and unusual musical experience.

PinkPantheress’s unconventional style and use of Auto-Tune, coupled with the incorporation of the Celtic fiddle, create an interesting sonic blend that showcases her creativity and originality as an artist. “Angel” may not be the most mainstream or popular track on the album, but it captures a distinct and alluring charm that appeals to those looking for something out of the ordinary in their music.

Overall, “Angel” by PinkPantheress is a standout track that enriches the diversity of the Barbie movie soundtrack. Its unique combination of elements makes it an intriguing addition and contributes to the album’s overall appeal and versatility.

A hidden gem with a dreamy and pretty soundscape that fits Barbie’s themes.

5. “Speed Drive” by Charli XCX

The Barbie movie surprises audiences with a frisky and exciting car chase scene, showcasing the directorial prowess of indie darlings Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach. The accompanying song, “Speed Drive” by Charli XCX, captures the frantic energy of the chase perfectly and stands as a bop in its own right.

Charli XCX injects a burst of energy into Gerwig’s sensitive world with “Speed Drive,” and the song complements the high-octane chase scene in the film. The hyperpop style that Charli XCX is known for turbocharges the lyrics, turning them into a playful rendition of the classic “Hey Mickey” with the words changed to fit the Barbie theme.

As a Charli XCX track, “Speed Drive” is an ideal representation of her unique style and would stand strongly on its own, whether or not it was part of the Barbie movie. The buzzing and twinkling synths add to the song’s catchy and infectious nature, making it a fun and enjoyable listen.

While “Speed Drive” fits perfectly within the context of the Barbie movie and complements the car chase scene, some listeners may still prefer Charli XCX’s iconic track “Vroom Vroom” when it comes to her discography. However, there’s no denying that “Speed Drive” is a high-energy and engaging song that adds an exciting dimension to both the film and Charli XCX’s repertoire.

A poppy and fast-paced track with Barbie-focused lyrics.

4. “Home” by HAIM

Haim’s heartfelt and poignant track, “Home,” captures the essence of Barbie’s journey in the film. The lyrics, “I know that we’ll be looking back one day / But I trust that I could never stay the same,” reflect a profound realization for a seemingly perfect plastic doll. Embracing aging and change is a universal struggle for regular people, and the song beautifully conveys the idea that accepting life’s imperfections and transformations can be a valuable and transformative gift.

“Home” is a standout on the Barbie movie soundtrack, offering a harmonious blend of HAIM’s organic sound and a commercialized focus that perfectly aligns with the movie’s themes. The HAIM sisters’ recognizable vibe and spirit shine through in the song, making it feel like a genuine representation of their artistry. At the same time, the track seamlessly integrates with the film’s plot, enhancing the emotional depth of the story.

The song’s subdued yet inspiring sound, coupled with its wise and convincing lyrics, contributes to its maturity and emotional impact. “Home” is a complete and soul-stirring song that can easily become a favorite on the album, capturing the essence of Barbie’s emotional journey and leaving a lasting impression on listeners. Its relatable themes and beautiful composition make it a track that can be enjoyed on repeat, resonating with audiences beyond the confines of the Barbie movie.

A complete and mature track that seamlessly blends the band’s organic sound with the film’s themes.

3. “I’m Just Ken” by Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Ken in the Barbie movie is truly praiseworthy, and his performance in “I’m Just Ken” is a standout moment that captivated audiences. Gosling’s comedic talents shine through, and he delivers a hilarious ballad that steals the spotlight from the film’s lead, Margot Robbie, even if only momentarily. His ability to exceed expectations and deliver a memorable performance is a testament to his talent as an actor.

While “I’m Just Ken” may not be the most musically pleasing track on the album, its significance in the film and its impact on audiences make it deserving of a spot in the Top 5. Gosling’s voice sounds better than ever, and his portrayal of Ken’s ironically tragic sorrows and struggles adds depth and dimension to the idyllic character. The expertly written lyrics further enhance the emotional portrayal, making the song a compelling and memorable moment in the movie.

Overall, Ryan Gosling’s performance in “I’m Just Ken” adds a unique and comedic touch to Barbie’s world, and his portrayal of the beloved character leaves a lasting impression on viewers. His talent and ability to bring depth to Ken’s character make the song and the film all the more enjoyable, earning its spot among the top tracks on the Barbie movie soundtrack 2023.

Though not sonically pleasing, it has a significant impact and depicts Ken’s struggles poignantly.

2. “Hey Blondie” by Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike’s “Hey Blondie” brings a refreshing and nostalgic vibe to the Barbie movie soundtrack, evoking memories of bonfires and driving in the mid-2000s. The song’s catchy and sunny sound, reminiscent of artists like Jack Johnson, adds a unique touch to the album. Fike’s smooth vocals and surf-rock influences create a comforting and romantic atmosphere, making “Hey Blondie” one of the most endearing love songs by a male artist on the soundtrack.

The lyrics of “Hey Blondie” speak of infatuation and admiration, as Ken expresses his love for Barbie with tender and heartfelt words. The stripped-down and sentimental nature of the song allows listeners to see Barbie through Ken’s eyes, capturing the glossy and idealized perspective that he has for her.

While the song may be considered “Leah-core” and might not be at the top of everyone’s list, its nostalgic and evocative qualities resonate with those who appreciate its unique charm. Overall, “Hey Blondie” is a delightful addition to the Barbie movie soundtrack 2023, showcasing Dominic Fike’s talent as a singer-songwriter and adding a touch of romance and warmth to the album.

Unique surf-rock influences with a sweet and passionate portrayal of Ken’s infatuation.

1. “What Was I Made For?” by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” is undoubtedly the standout and best song on the Barbie soundtrack. It beautifully captures the film’s most vulnerable moment, delving deep into Barbie’s existential questioning and fear of not knowing her life’s purpose. Eilish’s poignant and clever lyrics resonate not only with Barbie as a toy character but also with anyone who has experienced moments of doubt and self-reflection.

The emotional impact of the song is enhanced by its placement in the film, making it a powerful and memorable scene. The heavy-hearted piano ballad evokes a sense of introspection and contemplation, highlighting the complexities of Barbie’s character beyond her plastic shell.

Eilish’s collaboration with her brother and regular collaborator, Finneas, further enhances the emotional depth of the song, showcasing the artistic synergy between the two siblings.

The lyrics of “What Was I Made For?” touch on the themes of identity, purpose, and self-discovery, which are universal and relatable themes for audiences of all ages. The song’s breathy falsetto and heartfelt delivery add to its emotional impact, creating a truly moving and profound musical moment.

Overall, “What Was I Made For?” is a masterpiece that captures the essence of Barbie’s journey and the underlying sentimental themes of the film. It exemplifies Billie Eilish’s talent as an artist and her ability to evoke raw emotion through her music. It’s no surprise that this song takes the top spot as the best song on the Barbie soundtrack, as it perfectly embodies the heart and soul of the film and resonates deeply with its audience.

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