What is Finance & Liquidity Commission?


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Finance & Liquidity Commission is a legal body that acts as an intermediary between providers of financial services and their clients. According to the official information of this agent, more than 2,100 complaints have been processed, more than half of which ended up with payments distributed to clients. The organization claims that it needs 6 days to resolve a case.

The board of directors manages this international organization. Also, the company has a special committee that resolves the issues between members of the organization and their clients. This committee consists of 300 professionals.

Finance & Liquidity Commission

What is the Finance & Liquidity Commission responsible for?

Clients request different services in the Finance & Liquidity Commission. The core functions of this organization are the following:

  • to process complaints of traders and investors who issue cases against their forex brokers and trading platforms;
  • control the process of dispute resolution;
  • provide compensations if the investigations show that one of the parties is right;
  • provide free access to Scam Alert and notify traders about potentially scam financial companies.

The FinLC isn’t a governmental institution – it’s an organization that consists of different companies. So the organization provides certain services to its members as well. For example, it helps to manage risks in dealing and provides exclusive access to the register of trading companies.

Except for resolving disputes, traders can use this organization as a verified source of information about brokers. On the official website, there is a Scam Alert that lists companies with a bad reputation.

Who can become a member of the FinLC

As of the date of writing this review, more than 60 companies have already joined the organization. Alpari, OlympTrade, NPBFX, IC Markets, DotBig, Forex Club, Libertex, Lord Fx, Exness, and others are among them. To acquire the approved status in this organization, companies have to complete the verification process.

How businesses become members of the Finance & Liquidity Commission

The membership status is approved for those who complete the following steps:

  • fill in and confirm a membership application;
  • defer for the response from the Board of Directors;
  • sign the membership agreement;
  • pay membership dues.

The FinLC has its requirements for all members, and the candidate has to prove their compliance. Also, members are required to follow the rules agreed with the institution.

Is the Finance & Liquidity Commission a trusted organization?

The FinLC is based in the EU but it serves clients from all over the world. The Finance & Liquidity Commission isn’t an official governmental institution or regulatory body that’s why it’s difficult to measure the level of clients’ trust. We can only assume that the organization has a good reputation among the media, and it has already successfully resolved more than 1,000 issues


Where can I find more information about FinLC organization?

If you are interested in the approach of the Finance & Liquidity Commission, you can read more on the official website of the organization. It has a page where it describes how it works.

Does it have an official website?

Yes, you can visit the official website of the Finance & Liquidity Commission by this link – https://fsclc.eu/. Keep in mind that there are online scams that can use the brand to steal your money online. Make sure that you are on the official website before ordering services and delivering your personal data.

Are all reviews about forex brokers real?

You shouldn’t trust all the testimonials you can find online. To check whether the company is reliable, see if it is regulated and check out if the company is certified by the FinLC.

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