7 Spectacular Benefits of SMSF Software


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Have you automated your self-managed super funds? Today SMSFs account for over AUD676 billion of Australia’s total superannuation funds. You can also use SMSF software if you want to add automation and smart features to funds management. If you’re among the over 1.1 million Australians investing in the superannuation funds, here are some possible benefits:


It is one of the major perks of using the software. Instead of hiring extra staff for data entry, you can experience automatic data loads. It provides a faster process versus manual data input, while also reducing the risk of human error resulting from manual input.

The software can provide different kinds of automation, including data feeds from sources like brokers. It’s critical toprocess these daily feeds with all sales and transactions automatically. In 2019, the Australian government noted that this process is critical when managing one of Australia’s approximately 600 SMSFs.

Data Storage/Access

The cloud provides an efficient way for your company to store and access SMSF-related data. This is especially critical when managing multiple SMSF funds.

In that case, it’s critical for staff members to have easy access to such data. Cloud-based software provides real-time collaboration versus traditional on-site software.

You can also increase staff efficiency through various functions like Search and Share. It’s important to monitor and access SMSF data quickly for increased efficiency.


One of the main benefits of cloud software is it helps to save time and boost efficiency. This is due to factors like eliminating repetitive tasks that can require lots of valuable time and resources. It can free them up for other top priorities, which boosts your company’s overall efficiency.  

Ease-of Use

While not all software for SMSF is user-friendly, you can find some products that are easy for your staff members to learn, use, and navigate. This includes step-by-step navigation that provides easier usage.

Another key feature of the superannuation funds software to look for is how intuitive it is. This can help to guide the steps of software users.


Online security and privacy have become a more critical issue for individuals and businesses in recent years. Fortunately, secure and private cloud software for SMSFs is available. It’s important for software to provide secure online storage, and secure transfer from the cloud to offline computing sources.


The monthly fees for using the software vary greatly. However, automating your SMSF funds can boost your return on investment (ROI) quite significantly.

While the monthly rates providers charge for using the cloud-based software differ, you can find ones that provide affordable rates. This can reduce the total costs of superannuation fund management.

Some services are even in the under-AUD10 per fund/per month range. It’s critical to find deals that provide your company with affordable rates and good value.   


You can often pick different versions of cloud-based software like basic and advanced versions. Different features available include SMSFs, increased automation, and investment data feeds. This allows you to pick a software version that best suits your needs.  

Scalability is another benefit of cloud software for SMSFs versus traditional software. Cloud software provides easier scalability due to increases in your company’s size and number of SMSFs.  

When managing SMSF data, one of the most valuable tools is cloud-based SMSF software. It can provide benefits like improved efficiency, scalability, and security. Making SMSFs more profitable can then make retirement more comfortable.   

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
She knows business processes and operations management inside out. As she understands all the challenges of running a small business firsthand, it’s her mission to tackle the topics that are most relevant to entrepreneurs and offer viable solutions.


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