10 New Technologies that will change the way we do Marketing


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Do you know the technologies that will change the way you do marketing? The only constant is the change mechanism. In recent years, dozens of technologies have emerged that influence the way in which we relate to almost all aspects of our life: medicine, gastronomy, tourism, or education.

It was a matter of time before many of them were applied to marketing, one of the disciplines that most influences consumer behavior. Here we focus on the 10 technologies that will change the way we do marketing that is already among us:

1. Big Data

One of the consequences of applying digital transformation to companies is a huge flood of data. The cost of storing petabytes of data is decreasing. So any device can collect millions of data that can become a nightmare if not used properly.

When it comes to marketing, this large volume of data can help to segment databases much better. And personalize the different messages depending on tastes, interests, and even the behavior of users.

The important thing, in this case, is to be able to use the right technology to group all your marketing channels. And manage to turn data into knowledge.

2. Internet of things

The reduction in the cost of microchips has meant that almost any device can incorporate sensors that are connected together. This is the basis of what is known as the internet of things.

The progressive incorporation of this technology into our lives may make it necessary to start designing digital marketing strategies that are directed not so much to people as to objects. For example, if the refrigerator decides when to buy milk, it may be interesting to create marketing campaigns with bots that indicate the properties or that adapt the price depending on the available stock.

3. 3D printing

The 20th century was the age of mass marketing. It was necessary to mass produce and sell in industrial quantities to achieve economies of scale. Therefore, the main channels for managing marketing were television, radio and the national press.

However, in the 21st century, technologies have emerged that will change the way of marketing such as 3D printing. With it, you can make a single unique product. What clearly affects the way in which that piece will be released? Digital printing will favor the use of more personal channels such as email marketing, SMS marketing, or social networks.

4. Automation (of qualified work)

The automation of industrial jobs is a trend that, according to the study The Risk of Automation for Jobs in OECD Countries, puts at risk 12% of jobs in the OECD countries. Spain. Other analyzes put 43% of the number of jobs that can be destroyed to be done by robots.

When it comes to marketing, automation is a process that allows you to create a series of automatic and personalized messages in a lead nurturing process.

To achieve this, it is necessary to use marketing platforms that allow cross-channel communication by automating tasks that if done manually would not be possible. For example, email marketing automation makes it possible for emails to be sent when a subscription or purchase is made. Regardless of the time of day, it is done.

5.- Augmented reality

Understanding augmented reality is simple: It is how a new look is defined that combines elements of the physical environment with other virtual ones. For this, technological devices must be used that allow for building a mixed reality in real time.

The potential of augmented reality for marketing is beyond doubt. In fact, there are already success stories. Among them, the viral of the summer: Pokémon Go!

6. Cloud computing

The cloud or cloud computing has revolutionized many sectors. Among them, is digital marketing. Today it is possible to perform many actions that were completely impossible before. In fact, there are services like YouTube that would be impossible in the absence of cloud computing.

This technology allows us to enjoy various tools to manage content or measure KPIs from any device with Internet access in a transparent manner.

Furthermore, cloud computing or web hosting is the main driver of on-demand services. An advance that has allowed that it is not necessary to buy a tool but that it is used only when it is needed.

7. Drones

Have you heard about the tests that Amazon is conducting to make its deliveries with drones? This is just one of the uses of one of the technologies that will change the way we do marketing today.

Beyond the tasks of e-commerce logistics, drones open up new ways of generating content from hitherto unthinkable places. For example, tracking events with photos and images from anywhere in the auditoriums where they are held. OR

8. Wearables

More and more people have smartwatches from which they manage not only their communications, both by phone and by email, but also other types of services such as monitoring their health.

But wearable marketing goes beyond the use of smartwatches. T-shirts, fitness bands, jewelry or any type of clothing can already be part of a digital marketing strategy. The number of elements in continuously increase.

As indicated by an analysis by the IDC consultancy before the end of 2016, the number of wearables worldwide will exceed 101.9 million. A notable 29% increase in wearable items sold in 2015. Year in which there had already been a 171% increase compared to 2014.

Estimates indicate that by 2020 it will reach 213.6 million wearables. A juicy cake for those responsible for digital marketers of many brands.

9. Virtual reality

Glasses that allow absolute immersion in parallel virtual reality. Oculus Rift’s lenses are just the first step in one of the technologies that will change the way of marketing in a more brutal way. Especially because it is a technology that is not new.

The concept of virtual reality emerged in 1965 but it is during the 90s of the last century that various initiatives arose such as the virtual reality engine of Silicon Graphics or the creation of VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language. ” Language for Virtual Reality Modeling “).

Already in 2003, Second Life emerged, the now famous virtual world in 3D, which at least served to understand the potential of a technology that, later, has already been used in different situations by brands such as Tesco, Esso, Nike, or British Airways. And that the purchase of Oculus Rift by Facebook for more than 2,000 million dollars in 2014 has put it in the spotlight as one of the bets that the main brands must include in their digital marketing strategies.

10. Google ARA Project

The ARA Project is a Google initiative that seeks to develop a free hardware platform that allows the creation of modular smartphones. It is, therefore, Google’s vision for the future of mobility. And it’s based on the idea that you don’t have to buy a new mobile device every few years.

Instead, this platform raises a structure with smartphone modules of the owner’s choice. In this way, if a specific technology makes progress, it will be possible to incorporate it without changing the entire device. For example, if there are advances in facial recognition, in the speakers or in the camera, they can be integrated by replacing old modules as they are in separate modules.

This project highlights the value of mobile technologies. That they are already modifying the way in which current digital marketing strategies are managed. In fact, all the statistics say that mobile internet browsing will already surpass the traditional one from desktop computers in 2016.

These are just 10 technologies that will change the way you do marketing. There are many others like advanced robotics. Or the incorporation of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Or the deep web and the already imminent one of the autonomous cars that will allow having the attention of the users in a time and place that until now was owned by the radio.

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
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