Xiaomi to Add Three New Interesting Features to MIUI 11

The major Chinese smartphone OEM continues to roll out MIUI 11 updates to its devices in phases. Many users over the internet have started sharing screenshots of the MIUI 11 update received on their devices. However, MIUI 11 developers continue to work on the addition of new features to their newly built OS that is intended to primarily bring the latest Android 10 to Mi and Redmi devices.

We have recently come across three new features of MIUI 11 that Xiaomi is working on to add to the OS. The features are presently at an internal testing stage. However, we believe it is just a matter of time when it will be rolled out to the devices.

Focus Mode

Everyone wants to get relief from their smartphones for a while and part ways with it just to have some time of his/her own. The Focus Mode is developed with that idea in mind. If someone turns on the Focus Mode on the device, he/she would not have any access to the device even if the phone reboots.

Focus Mode

The Focus Mode can be turned on for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes. During any of the chosen timeframe, the person using the phone will only get access to emergency calls and camera functions. The mode can be turned on by navigating to Settings > Screen Time Management.

Vientiane Screen

Vientiane Feature

There are many smartphone users who like to set their interface screen with personalized images and emoji expressions. The Vientiane Screen lets you do just that. Many custom image features and emoji expressions have been added to the Vientiane features, which can be set as your screen pattern as per your needs. The custom images can be set on a black or transparent background. The feature has been successfully tested by the sample users.

Class Schedule

This is a feature that is being developed by Xiaomi for users who like to plan their schedules in a proper way. The developers intend to build a Xiaomi Class Schedule that is currently in the testing stage. Xiaomi calendar, Xiao Ai, and Xiaomi assistant are currently working together to make this feature a reality.

In the rolled out MIUI 11 update, we have seen a number of interesting features to the UI. They include picture-in-picture pop-ups for the apps, always-on display (with animated ‘dynamic clock’), system-wide dark mode, and dynamic video wallpaper.

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