Xiaomi confirms a 100MP flagship phone

Xiaomi, started with 48MP smartphones this year, is ready to launch a 64MP smartphone in the market in the forthcoming months. Now, they have confirmed that they are also working on a 100MP smartphone camera.

Xiaomi’s 100MP camera will have a massive 12032 x 9024 resolution. This translates to 108,000,000 pixels in one single photo. That is a lot to process. They have not revealed any more details about the first smartphone that they will launch with this 100MP sensor.

Realme is showcasing their own 64MP camera phone tomorrow. Xiaomi will have to bring their A-game to the table if they don’t want to end up losing market share to Realme.

The news was confirmed on Twitter by Manu Kumar Jain today. A single photo with these many pixels will be huge in size and hence will need tons of storage space. Thus, Xiaomi will need to provide at least 512GB storage variant for the phone.

This is apparently the first smartphone with such a huge sensor. Xiaomi already has a prototype ready along with some test photos. They are claiming to release the photos soon. We will have to wait to see how this turns out.

Pixels in a smartphone camera are usually overlooked and there is much more to a camera than just pixels. It takes a very good lense along with great photo processing software to produce good photos. Perhaps Xiaomi is trying to ride the hype train of pixels in a smartphone camera. Nevertheless, we are also eagerly waiting for the first few samples that Xiaomi will release using their #100MP camera.

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