Xbox Game Pass Best Games for PC This Month

In June this year, Microsoft expanded its Netflix-style subscription service Xbox Game Pass for avid PC gamers by launching over 100 titles that belong to in-house and third parties. The Xbox Game Pass is basically a subscription-based service that gives users access to a universe of games for a single monthly charge.

Xbox Game Pass for PC is available for use with Windows 10. It is currently available in open beta giving you access to around 200 PC games for $10 a month. However, you can try out the service at only $1 in the first month as part of the beta promotion package. That’s pretty cheap for a lot of games that were previously available in Xbox.

Microsoft added a lot of premium titles to Xbox Game Pass for PC as part of its Fall 2019 showcase. We discuss some of them here.

1. Genesis Noir

This is an adventure game set around the time of The Big Bang. It focuses on exploration, tactual interactions, and generative art. There are beautiful and hand-drawn animations in the game that blends with unique storytelling. The players can also collect cosmic clues to solve puzzles or play with particles.

2. Minit

This is a 2D adventure game that can be completed in one minute at a time. The gameplay involves helping unusual people, uncovering numerous secrets, defeating dangerous enemies, and lifting an unfortunate curse.

3. Dead by Daylight

This is a 4 versus 1 multiplayer horror game where one player takes the role of a barbaric killer while the other four players take the role of survivors. The survivors must escape the killer and avoid death.

4. The Red Strings Club

This is a mind-blowing game on hacking where the players take on the role of a bartender and a hacker. The objective is to gather information and unfold the secrets of a corporate conspiracy by pulling out all the stops.

5. The Talos Principle

This is a first-person puzzle game where the players take the role of a robot to solve over 120 complex puzzles revolving around humanity, technology, and civilization. It is a philosophical science-fiction game that can be played either from the first or third-person perspective. It opens up a world based on virtual reality where the player faces many artificial intelligence entities.

6. Vambrace: Cold Soul

This is a narrative-driven strategy game that involves unique characters and cruel challenges. The characters are bestowed with unique powers to fight deadly encounters in a cold landscape. You need to overcome the brutal King of Shades, who has damned the city of Icenaire and raised an army of undead.

7. Saints Row IV: Re-Elected

This is a mind-blowing action-packed game that will give you the flavours of Grand Theft Auto. It features an open world where crime takes primacy. You will play as the President of the United States who is in charge of saving the earth from the alien invasion. You will be provided with an arsenal of weapons and superpowers to defeat the alien overlord Zinyak.

8. State of Mind

This is a sci-fi thriller game that explores themes of separation, disjuncture, and reunification in a world struggling between dystopian reality and utopian digital future. You will take the role of Richard Nolan, a journalist, and five other characters in the game to research and gather information in order to make your way through a nerve-racking story.

9. Lonely Mountains: Downhill

This is a thrilling bike riding game where you would race, jump, and slide but not crash from the peak down to the valley on the mountainous landscape. The game is full of fun and thrills due to its responsive controls, which you can use to ride across deep forests, narrow trails, and rivers. The game is not that easy as the probability of a crash is very high.

10. Stellaris

This is a 4X grand strategy game that is set in outer space starting from the year 2200. The gameplay is complex that involves space exploration and managing an empire of alien species. The main objective of the game is based on the ethics of civilization and the player’s discretion. You can embark on galactic conquest and achieve technological supremacy or you can choose peaceful coexistence. You can even control ships and military vessels.

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