World Health Organization Is On WhatsApp For Latest Updates On Coronavirus

COVID-19 or Coronavirus has spread around the globe and has brought humanity to its feet. WHO has now provided a WhatsApp number to get the latest update about the pandemic on your phone. Read on for details.

The virus has symptoms similar to common cold and is very difficult to identify. This has created a lot of panic among people and there is a lot of fake news being spread on social media and WhatsApp.

The number of cases is rising daily and so are the number of confirmed deaths due to Coronavirus. People are waiting for a vaccine to be developed and constantly watching the World Health Organization (WHO) for the same.

World Health Organization (WHO) On WhatsApp

To help people avoid fake news and spread awareness, WHO is now available on WhatsApp. It provides you the correct information about the pandemic on your phone. Their replies are super social, informative and use emojis.

Just send Hi on +41 79 893 18 92 and start getting accurate COVID-19 updates and avoid any misleading information on the internet. This number is tested and works 100% on WhatsApp.

On sending a message to WhatsApp number of World Health Organization, you can see a message as given below. All you need is to key in the numeral or emoji!

Sorry I am an automated system and didn’t understand your reply. Reply with a number (or emoji) at any time to get the latest information on the topic:

  1. Latest numbers πŸ”’
  2. Protect yourself πŸ‘
  3. Your questions answered❓
  4. Mythbusters πŸ›‘
  5. Travel advice πŸ—Ί
  6. News & Press πŸ“°
  7. Share ⏩

Recently, many social media Giants have also collaborated with WHO to curb fake news on social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter are actively working to remove content and posts with false information about the pandemic.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, also recently said that YouTube is working actively to remove videos that are sharing wrong information about COVID-19.

Instagram is displaying an option to see information about Coronavirus on top of your feed every time you log in. Google is sharing a button to share tips about COVID-19 every time you search something on Google via the home page.

We hope this article about the World Health Organization WhatsApp number was helpful to you. Stay tuned with Phones Wiki for all the latest updates on trending technology, OTT platforms, movies, gaming, mobiles, and much more.

Written by Bhaumik Raja

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