Will PUBG, Ludo World, AliExpress be on the next ban list in India?

PUBG Mobile ban

The Government of India banned 51 Chinese applications that were a threat to the “national interest and security” of the nation. These included giants like TikTok, ShareIt, and more. By the end of June, the Government had banned a few more taking the count to 59. Now, the government is set to ban another set of 47 Chinese applications that are a ‘clone’ of earlier banned apps. Apart from these 47 clone apps, it is speculated that more than 275 Chinese apps are on Government’s radar and the list is likely to include Tencent backed gaming app PUBG, Ludo World, Resso, AliExpress, & 14 more apps from Xiaomi. These Chinese apps will be examined for any violation of national security and user privacy.

Read here to know whether PUBG Mobile will get banned or not.

First of all, if you still doubt that PUBG Mobile is not Chinese, or it is Korean, as many people claim, click here. After reading, you will know that PUBG Mobile is a Chinese based game. Now, when phase 1 of banning applications took place, the game barely made it out safely. This time, in step 2 of ban, the chances seem to be against the game, as illustrated in the reasons given below.

Recently, the Indian army asked the soldiers to delete various applications, which includes PUBG Mobile as well. While the soldiers were directed to remove them immediately, they also pleaded public to stop using them. The reason was that these apps might leak sensitive information. Many sources claim that PUBG Mobile sells data illegally. Also, Quora has plenty of such posts claiming PUBG Mobile has sold user data.

The soldiers were asked to delete their accounts on the applications before 15th July. The notice came after the ban of those 51 Chinese applications, and now, the news of another round of ban came out. Clearly, the apps which replaced the previously banned apps are going down, and the odds of PUBG Mobile to survive seem to be against the will of fans.

Considering the fact that Tencent Games make Millions of Dollars every day from the game, it will have a massive blow to China. PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games in India, and it will be a gigantic step to ban it. To know why PUBG Mobile was not banned in phase one of the banning session, click here.

In the meantime, desi twitter is having its own share of memes with parents and players taking the center stage. Check some below

What are your views on it? Share your thoughts in the comments section. The official list of banned applications isn’t out yet. We will be the first to inform you more, so make sure you stay tuned to www.PhonesWiki.com for more updates.


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