WhatsApp Update: How to Post a Private Reply in a Group Message

The prevalence of WhatsApp is scaling high and why not, when users get new & interesting features that make it a more smooth and uninterrupted way to communicate with others. Again, one feature has been added to facilitate communication by letting you reply privately to the group messages.

Yes! It’s possible to send a personal reply to a group message that ensures that the chosen recipient will get it right away in personal chat or one-on-one chat. Here’s our ultimate guide to manifest it’s working!

How to reply privately in groups?

Your first step would be to get the latest WhatsApp version to enable this feature. You can get it updated from Google Play for Android users and App Store for iPhone users.

Once you have updated the app successfully, follow the below-given steps one after another to reply to a group chat message, personally.

  • Long-press the message of group chat, whom you want to reply privately
  • If you are an Android user, then click on three dots on the top right corner of WhatsApp and tap on ‘Reply Privately. For iOS users, directly click on the ‘Reply Privately’ option.
  • Now, as usual, input your message and hit the send option 

See, it’s just that simple! In this way, you can reply privately to group chat participant and it will be spotted on a separate conservation page. That group participant can continue the conversation now privately by posting replies to the personal chat page. This ensures that none else or no other group participant would see the messages that you sent to that particular one.

Apart from this feature, Whatsapp has also enabled a group call feature from the Calls tab. It has been fine-tuned to give the rights to the caller to select the contacts and choose the call to be either video or voice.

Written by Komal

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