WhatsApp ‘Frequently Forwarded’ tag to roll out soon to curb ‘Fake News’


You might remember that WhatsApp tags all the messages that a user forward to other users. It puts up a label named as ‘Forwarded’ on all the message that someone forwards to you. Now WhatsApp is planning to label messages that are forwarded for more than 5 times. Such messages will appear with the tag ‘Frequently Forwarded’ in your chat now.

WhatsApp is planning to roll out this new feature to restrain fake news and messages that spread through WhatsApp. WhatsApp has always been under the radar for being one of the significant sources for spreading fake news. Now such messages can be easily detected from normal forwards. The messages that have been forwarded by many users will be marked as ‘Forwarded many times’.

This can help you in being more informed and getting alert from such messages. Many people who are not aware of technology often fall victims of such messages. This will act as a safeguard for them and will help to fight against fake news. A spokesperson from WhatsApp said:

We’ve recently introduced an update to our forwarded message label that helps people identify when they’ve received messages that were previously forwarded several times, such as a chain message. These highly forwarded messages will be marked with a double arrow icon and users will receive a notice when they are forwarding such a message

This update has started rolling out and will reach all of the users very soon. Few people have already reported that they are seeing this new tag now. It’s a matter of few more days that everyone will have the new label on such forwards.


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