WhatsApp Beta gets Fingerprint Unlock on Android

Even if you have been living in a remote part of the world, chances are pretty high you have heard of the world’s most popular instant messaging platform “WhatsApp”. The Menlo Park, CA based company was bought by Facebook a few years ago and has risen in popularity ever since.

A majority of people tend to use it for private as well as business conversations and therefore they want to keep it secure at all times. In addition to the standard screen lock, many users tend to use a third party locking solution such as a PIN, pattern or even fingerprint lock.

whatsapp fingerprint lock

There has been a huge outroar from the community demanding that an in-house solution be developed to tackle the issue. Thankfully, the developers have listened in on this and finally incorporated the feature in the beta version of the application.

According to the website WABetaInfo, the beta of the Android version of WhatsApp ( v2.19.221) lets users use the much-requested fingerprint lock feature. One only needs to join the Beta channel of the application on Play Store and own a device running Android Marshmellow and above. Of course, your smartphone should have a fingerprint scanner to make use of the same.

How to get Fingerprint lock on WhatsApp

In case you are already running the Beta, you can find it buried under WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint Lock. It seems like the developers are fully aware of what the users wanted and therefore allowed users to reply to messages from the notification panel and even answer incoming calls without requiring any authentication.

The only time you will need to use fingerprint is when you explicitly launch the application. This is quite handy since the third party solution locks out the app entirely with users requiring to unlock even to answer a call or message. This is quite frustrating if you happen to be chatting with someone and don’t want eyes prying on you.

The in-built feature makes use of Android’s Fingerprint API, meaning that the data is locally stored and not sent anywhere online. There is also an option letting users hide the sensitive content in the notification panel once you lock WhatsApp using your fingerprint.

If you are looking to install the Beta version of WhatsApp to try out the feature, you can download it through APKMirror or any trusted site offering untampered APK’s. However, the feature is not guaranteed to work on every device straight out of the box. Sometimes reinstalling WhatsApp also enables the feature, so it is pretty unclear what needs to be done to enable the fingerprint authentication.

In case things don’t work out in your favour, just wait for the public release and you will be good. What do you think of the new fingerprint lock feature? Want to see some changes before the final release? Let us know in the comment section below!

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