Learn the Game First: What is Baccarat and How Do You Play It?

    What is Baccarat and How Do You Play It

    Baccarat was already one of the world’s most-played card games in casinos, but it has gained even more popularity than before, thanks to live casinos online. It has made it possible for anyone interested in the game to try their hand at it during their commute, in the office, or even inside their own bedroom.

    Since understanding the game in its entirety is essential if the player has to have any chance of winning, let’s get introduced to what is baccarat and how to play it.

    What is Baccarat?

    Baccarat is an old card game of comparing hands, possibly invented in the 1490s. There are in total, three variants of baccarat, as listed below:

    1. Punto Banco, which is the most popular version of the game
    2. Baccarat Chemin de Fer, also known simply as Chemmy
    3. Baccarat Banque

    Value of the Cards

    Across all four suits, the following values are attributed to 3 separate groups of cards in baccarat.

    • All 4 Aces have a value of one
    • All 4 kings, queens, jacks and 10s have a value of 0
    • The remaining cards from 2 – 9 hold the same value as the number on them

    Betting in Baccarat

    Betting in baccarat is pretty straightforward, as it is a relatively simple game of comparing hands. There are three places where the player can place their bet in the game:

    • On the dealer’s side, who is called the “banker” in baccarat
    • On the player’s side
    • On the round being a tie in between the two

    How the Card Game Works

    Two cards are dealt on the banker’s and the player’s side each by the dealer, after all bets have been placed. The cards are dealt face up, so that the values can be seen instantly and clearly. Now, determining a winner is where baccarat gets a little complicated, but it’s nothing a round or two of practice won’t help you get used to. To explain how the winning hand and the winner is decided, and can very well be two different parties, let’s summarize what happens after the cards are dealt and the values are calculated.

    Rule of 9

    The winning hand will be the one which has the highest total value, below or equal to 9. If two cards add up to a value more than 9, then the first digit of the total will be dropped to ascertain the hand’s value. For example, 3 + 7 = 10, but the 1 will be dropped and the value of that hand will be seen as 0. If the banker or the player gets an 8 and a 7, 1 will be dropped from 15, and the value will be seen as 5.

    Naturals and the Third Card

    Provided that either the banker or the player got a total score of 8 or 9 on the first two cards, it’s called a natural. Unless both players have a natural 8 or 9 on their hands, the one who gets a natural is the most likely to win. They will most likely stand from taking the third card, which the other party will take with the hope of closing the gap between their total and the natural.

    If neither the banker nor the player has a natural, then one more card is dealt to each of them. After this third and final card is dealt, the total is calculated once again and the first digit is dropped as usual from the mathematical value of the total if it exceeds 9. Whoever has a 9, or the highest number below 9 at this point, has the winning hand. If both banker and player have the same value below 9, it’s a tie.

    Rule of 5

    Subjective to the concerned casino, the rule of 5 may play out if the player gets a value equal to or less than 5. Then they will have to choose between standing or being dealt another card. If they choose to stand, the winning hand must now be decided based on who gets the closest or equal value to 5.

    How the Bets Pay Out

    You could have the winning hand and still lose the bet if your bet was placed on the banker’s side. On the flip side, you could win the bet even after getting the losing hand, if your bet was on the banker. However, if you manage to have the winning hand, and had placed your bet on the player’s side as well, your winnings will be equal to 2x the bet placed.

    In case the banker gets a winning value and the bet placed was on their side, 95% of the bet is paid out to the player. Finally, if a rare tie is indeed what happens at the end of the round, and that’s precisely where the player had placed their bet, they are looking at a huge win, given that the odds are paid out 8:1 – 9:1 to the player in such rare instances.

    How to Play Baccarat from Anywhere

    Safety is often a big concern while gambling online, so stick to authentic, verifiable casinos only. If you are in India, check out baccaratindia.com to find safe, legal online casinos that are best for playing baccarat online. These casinos offer live casino features for their players to try their luck and calculations in low – high stakes. You can practically access the websites and/or their respective apps from any smartphone, tablet, Mac, or PC.

    Do note that depending on which casino you are playing in, your particular location, and the version of baccarat you have joined online, there are will be slight alterations to these rules we just discussed. This is why it is of the utmost importance to check the site and read the specific game’s rules before you begin playing there.

    As long as you have learned the basics of baccarat and practiced a few hands though, the alterations should not feel too difficult to incorporate in your strategies for the game.



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