How to fix the abnormal Google Pixel battery drain issue after the Android 13 update

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Many Pixel users are reporting that they are getting terrible battery life Battery life is noticeably worse on the Pixel 6 with the battery draining like 10% in 20-30 minutes.

After the Android 13 update, battery has conked off almost from 6-8 hours SOT to 3-4 SOT.  Some are reporting a battery drop of 2% at idle per 30 min in the pocket.

Tips to improve Pixel series battery life post Android 13 update

Tip 1: Disable auto update of Apps

Tip 2: Revisit Background Apps

Tip 3: Remove Infrequently Used Apps

Tip 4: Clear Cache

Tip 5: Factory Reset Your Phone

These are some tips and tricks that might help you resolve the Android 13 update related battery drain issue on your eligible Pixel devices.

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