Future of “Berserk” remains doubtful, confirms afterword in Volume 41

The death of Kentaro Miura has left his fans devastated.

It applies equally to the ones who were close to him as well as who knew him by his most famous work, Berserk.

The continuation of Berserk after passing away of its mangaka Kentaro Miura is still hanging by a thread.

The no conclusion zone has also been conveyed by the editorial afterword and Young Animal of Berserk volume 41.

In the recently released tankobon Volume 41, Hakusensha said she hadn’t made any decisions about Berserk’s future.

Is Berserk anime streaming on Netflix?

Netflix is streaming 2 seasons of Berserk anime.

Three of the Berserk movies namely The Egg of the King, The Battle for Doldrey, and The Advent, are streaming on Netflix US.