Bleach Season 17  Release Date Confirmed

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Bleach Season 17 release date has been officially confirmed for  Monday, 10th October 2022.

The Bleach:  Thousand-Year Blood War anime will air on  TV Tokyo affiliates and others from 24:00 every Monday.

Bleach Season 17 Trailer

Bleach Season 17 trailer has revealed the opening theme song “Scar” performed by Tatsuya Kitani.

How many episodes will Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Arc have?

It can be estimated that the new season of Bleach will have 60-80 episodes since it has to cover hundreds of chapters of Manga in the final season.

Will there be Bleach Season 17 English Dub?

It can be safely assumed that the streaming partners will soon come up Thousand Year Blood War Arc English dub.

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