Fans awaiting Amazon to reveal the new release date for Forensic

forensic movie watch online
forensic movie watch online

Forensic is a Malayalam-language movie that was the first project of duo Akhil Paul and Anas Khan as directors.

The movie shows Samuel (Tovino Thomas) using his knowledge of forensic science and his skills to search for a serial killer. However, he needs to take help from Shikha (Reba Monica John) in order to ensure that no piece of evidence is omitted from the investigation. The serial killer is on the loose, and public pressure is piling up on the police.

After the theatrical release of Forensic, people were hoping to watch the film on streaming service. Amazon announced that it would release Forensic on its streaming service on 1st May. However, the movie didn’t get a digital release. Now, fans, who were eagerly waiting for the release of Forensic, furious as the movie did not arrive on the promised day.

Amazon has made no comment on this situation and did not come up with the new release date for Forensic. However, it is common for streaming services to delay the release of one movie in favor of others. Now, with the increase in public demand for streaming of Forensic means that Amazon needs to come up with an answer if it doesn’t want to upset its customers.


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