Wasteland Remastered drops on February 25

February is going to be a great month for the fans of Wasteland, an open-world game from 1987. On 25th February, we will be getting the remastered version of the game for PC and the Xbox One gaming console.

The game will be available for purchase on Steam, Windows Store and GOG for the PC. The game will be coming to Xbox One as well, and if you own the Xbox Game Pass, then you will be getting it for free.

Wasteland Tweeted on 23rd January, “You’ve been asking, and now we can share…
Wasteland Remastered drops in just one more month—25th February for Windows (Windows Store, Steam, GOG) and Xbox One (with Xbox Game Pass)!”

Brian Fargo, head of inXile Entertainment, posted a tweet in 2019 comparing the 1987 and 2020 versions of the game. The tweet read, “The Wasteland 1 remaster is still coming later this year for Windows, but a little surprise is that we are also going to bring it to Xbox!” The tweet featured a screenshot showing the graphical superiority of the new version.

And if you thought that Wasteland remastered will be the only game in the franchise that is coming out in 2020, then you would be pleasantly surprised to know that Wasteland 3 will be making its debut on 19th May 2020.

The game will be featuring some massive upgrades when compared to the already amazing Wasteland 2, which came out in 2014. However, this would be the game that Brian Fargo would work on as he is planning on retiring after the game’s release.

In an interview, Brian Fargo told me that it would be the appropriate time for him to drop the mic. Fargo has been working in the gaming industry for over four decades and has decided it is time to take a break.

Written by Parth Singh

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