Twitter Has A Meme Fest As Gmail Service Goes Down In India


Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are frequently reported for service going down. Google or Gmail server going down is rare, and recently people are complaining that Google and Gmail are down in India. Read on for details.

A report on Downdetector, users, are mass reporting issues with Gmail. There are minor reports on Google as well.

Image by gabrielle_cc from Pixabay

Today, users on Twitter are also reporting that Gmail is not accepting login, and some users said that they are not able to send e-mails. Some users are also reporting google search is too slow or not showing any reasons.

Twitter Has A Memefest As Gmail Service Goes Down

Here are some hilarious tweets from the users.

A user tweeted that he uses the Vodafone network, so he is used to Gmail not working on his device. He tweeted, “All are posting about #Gmail servers down. Me (who are using Vodafone):”

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