Twitter Down: Stay Calm Over Twitter Outage- Things “should be back to normal soon.”

Are you facing an issue while tweeting, fetching the trending hashtags and not receiving notifications from past few hours? Don’t panic! You are not the only one who is encountering ‘something is wrong‘ error on Twitter. The users of Tweetdeck should also stay calm if they are getting a notification “TweetDeck no longer has permission to access your main account. You will be logged out to prevent unauthorized access.” Twitter is aware of the issues and is working towards the fix.

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Since morning, tweeples are facing erratic issues while using twitter and its social media dashboard application — TweetDeck. Erratic issues were being faced with new DMs, attaching images, videos or even running polls in tweets. Tweetdeck was also found to be not working for many. People had got logged out without intimation and re-logging took them to Twiter HomePage. The behaviour was reported initially by few. But as the day progressed, it became global outage with tweets not getting through mobile app also.

The outage has been acknowledged and also all the issues that people are facing. Twitter has confirmed via tweet that it is investigating the issue.

No details are available from Twitter about the root cause of the blackout. The outage monitoring website had reportedly received more than 4,000 incidents from users of Japan, Canada and India in the morning hours. The company as per a Twitter representative was working on resolving issues with TweetDeck on highest priority. The reason being the dependency of journalists, media houses and other content creators heavily on the dashboard.

Written by Rashmi

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