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Top smartphone Games with female protagonists in 2020

On PC and consoles, there are lots of games that feature a female protagonist. Take Tomb Raider, Nier: Automata, and The Last of Us, for example. 

It is often said that the gaming industry often creates games with men as their protagonists. However, slowly female characters are getting more prominent and significant roles in these games, starting from Half-Life 2, where Alyx was a major character and a companion for the player’s character, Gordon Freeman. In the recently released game Half-Life: Alyx, the developers focused more on the story of Alyx. It can be said that on the console and PC platform, there are a lot of games that have a female lead.

But do we get similar games on our mobile phones? The answer is yes, as there are lots of games on mobile that have a female as their protagonists. 

So, let us take a look at some of the best games with a female lead character.


Phantomgate game

Nordic mythology is full of heroic deeds and adventures. The Norse gods have female warriors called Valkyrie, who lead the soldiers slain in a battle to Valhalla. This platformer puts you in the shoes of a Valkyrie with the objective to save the world from destruction. You also need to forge alliances with spirits who could aid you on your quest.

Lara Croft: Relic Run

lara croft relic run game

Lara Croft is one of those game characters that need no introduction.

This mobile game is an endless runner that is action-packed and offers a lot more to do than Temple Run or Subway Surfer. 


Parallyzed is a fantastic platformer game with a great story. In this game, you control twin sisters simultaneously as they traverse through a land filled with obstacles. You need to be careful as you can’t let anyone of them get trapped.

Glitch Fixers: Powerpuff Girls

How can we forget the Powerpuff Girls who saved Townsville hundreds of times from the evil-doers? In this puzzle-based game, you need to defeat the villains by making the least amount of moves. The story is fantastic as you need to deal with the trolls who are trying to destroy the World Wide Web.

Target Acquired

If you have played Megaman, then you would love this game. You control Yura Andres, who is an agent at the Nekomipolis Police Department. She has a mission to defeat the evil robots who are creating a ruckus in the city. 

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