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It’s 2019, and while Prank calling unsuspecting people with your friends can be hilarious, it has also become more difficult. The likelihood of Caller IDs being created and legal issues arising have made in a lot of cases prank calling not worth the risk. However, as everything has become digital, so have prank calls, and that’s where PrankCall apps come into play. 

What is a Prank Call App?

A Prank Call App is an application used on smartphones to make prank calls, except it has many advantages. There are two types of PrankCall Apps.

The first type will enable you to listen to prank calls made by other people with pre-recorded scenarios. The second type will allow you to change your voice or to use soundbites from a soundboard while providing you with a spoof caller ID. 

With the advancement of technology, the ideas for pranks have become more creative and unpredictable. Below are our favourite picks, saving you time on downloading bad apps only to uninstall right after. They’re also all free to download but may include in-app purchases for additional features. 

Prank Call Apps

So let’s begin!


The Prankster app offers a variety of pre-recorded voices with different scenarios that are undoubtedly realistic and engaging enough to fool your friends. Additionally, there are also several languages you can choose from. 

To begin, from a choice of over 100, you must choose a prank scenario and enter the phone number you wish to call. Depending on the wanted scenario will determine what kind of Prank it will be.

Some of these scenarios include ‘Why You Call My Girlfriend’, ‘You Kick My Dog’ and ‘You Hit My Car’. Many scenarios are also customizable, so you can include the name of the person you want to prank, making it more realistic. You get 3 free prank calls daily and get offered free prank calls when the app is recommended to friends.

Ownage Pranks

If you’re a fan of prank calls, in general, you’ve probably heard of Ownage Pranks. A famous youtube channel with over 5 million subscribers dedicated to making hilarious Prank calls to generally businesses with poor reviews on Yelp. The Ownage Prank App provides pre-recorded scenarios with the voices used from the channel such as Tyronne Biggums, Buk Lau and many more. Once the call is sent, it can be recorded and submitted to the Best Pranks Hall of Fame where you can see the best reactions made by other Ownage users. 

Prank calls can also be saved, allowing you to listen whenever you like. Other features include call anonymity where calls are made using your WiFi and not with your phone company. Free daily credits are also provided.


If you want an app that will guarantee memorable laugh-out-loud moments with friends JokesPhone is highly recommended. The steps are simple, choose a joke you wish to play, choose a friend from your address book, listen and share on social networks. The beauty is in its simplicity and efficiency, and the calls you do will be free. 

Calls made are from a third party service so the person being pranked will not be able to trace your real number. Also, by recommending the app to friends on Facebook, you can get additional free joke calls. 

Voice changer apps which can be used for Prank Calls

Voice Changer with effects

If you’re looking for a prank call app which doesn’t have pre-recorded messages and is completely unscripted then perhaps this is what you’re looking for. Voice changer with effects makes a prank call completely individual and gives the user all the freedom and creativity to script their own call.

This app has a voice changer, so prank calls are done in real-time, arguably making the experience more enjoyable and on edge. This main feature allows your voice to be changed using effects such as the helium, alien, giant, monster, extraterrestrial, zombie, deep voice, cyborg, drunk and many more. Other features include importing pre-recorded sounds, creating images with sound which can be shared on Facebook and creating a voice from the text.


Do you value personal privacy when making a prank call above anything else? SpoofCard may be the app you’re looking for.

Spoofcard allows you to take Prank calling to the next level by making it more realistic using its sophisticated features. Not only can you change your voice to a man or a woman, but you can also add background noises making the call seem more authentic.

Spoofcard also values anonymity changing your caller ID with any number ensuring the person you’re calling won’t know who you are. One great feature is its voicemail application where calls placed can be sent directly to a person’s voicemail. This makes it appear as though you called, even though you had no intention of engaging in the call. All conversations can be recorded and are instantly downloadable. 

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