TicTok- India’s answer to the banned Chinese App TikTok

TicTok- India's answer to the banned Chinese App TikTok

TikTok the largest video sharing platform is banned in India now besides 58 more Chinese apps. It’s been forbidden over privacy concerns and removed from Apple App Store and Google Play Store after orders from the Indian government. Though the app is not available, love for TikTok is still on the peaks as the app had about 200 million users in India. People are finding alternates to it for their daily entertainment dose. Well, now no worries! A ‘Made in India’ alternate TicTok is now out to retain the talent of people who used to show it on the Chinese TikTok app.

TicTok- An Indian Version of TikTok!

Dr. Sumesh Saini, the software engineer of Jalandhar developed the app, TicTok shared his views, “When TikTok was banned then the whole digital media and software engineers were put at a challenge to make an alternative to this app. And, finally, we have done it. Besides adding new & exciting features, this TicTok app carries Chinese TikTok features too. So, users will enjoy it to the core.

Also about the security, the developer said, “TicTok is completely safe to use. It adheres to local laws and sensitive towards local guidelines. There are no territory issues and the whole data will be saved in Indian database only.”

So this TicTok app is all here to reimagine digital engagement and entertainment by complying with local requirements and laws.

Earlier, many other TikTok alternatives like Mitron, Roposo, and many others were released and even liked by Indian users too. It would be interesting to watch how much attention this TicTok app will attain from the Indian users!

Well, Indian engineers are coming forward and showcasing their knack in the digital world. Hopefully, these alternatives will provide users a secured platform to showcase their talent.

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