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The importance of SEO in a digital marketing plan is tough to ignore. Over 97% of marketers use SEO to render informative and educational content to their users. Hence, it is the most famous marketing term search by users.

Doing a proper SEO audit is an important starting point for any market whether you outsource it or do it in-house. It helps in analyzing your current SEO efforts, no matter how efficient or inefficient they are and allow you to take immediate action. If you don’t know how to run a comprehensive SEO audit, then here is a simple guide for you:

Crawl your site

An efficient SEO audit commences with a complete site crawl. It permits you to analyze the current situation and acknowledge the problems your site may have. So, a crawl helps in setting a baseline for the rest of the audit. There are different crawling tools which you can use to carry out the process.

It will let you know if your site has any errors like page titles, duplicate content, broken links, etc. Team your tool with Google Analytics to know your page views, bounce rates and all that happening with your website.

Know the speed of your site

Site speed is one factor that decides your search engine ranking. In simple words, the quicker your site loads, the higher will be your SERPS.

Also, a quick site speed provides a positive user experience. Google’s Page Speed Insight helps you to know the speed of your site on desktop and smartphone. The speed test helps you analyze which elements of your site are creating hurdles from an SEO point of view. Once you correct it, you can improve your site’s speed.

Evaluate your site architecture

Another point involved in comprehensive auditing is to ensure that your site has a solid structure. The better the architecture, the most efficient the user experience will be.

You should work to make your visitor’s journey to your site seamless so that can get any info they want with just a few clicks. A strong URL structure is necessary. Another thing for a strong site architecture involves ensuring all your main webpages are list in the major navigation menu of your site so that users can find everything easily.

Check the content of your site

Content is base of on-page SEO and influences your site efficiency. Google checks for unique content regularly. It means you need to ensure that your site’s content helps in enhancing your brand visibility and ranking.

Make sure the content length is important. It is also important to have the right balance between targeted keywords and preventing your content from getting spammy.

Assess your tags

Once your site is complete, the next step is to label it. You can choose different tags that will represent your site and its major components in the search engine’s eyes. Choose short, descriptive tags to convey the purpose of your site.

Though comprehensive, it is a simple audit. If you really want to know how to run a comprehensive SEO audit, then you can contact professionals at Eventige and get your site audited thoroughly.

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