The Lion King Is Now Available On Digital and Blu-Ray

For a 90s person, The Lion King is no ordinary animated film. It was one such film that created a place in people’s heart. It is one such movie which will stay in people’s heart for decades. Fast Forward to 2019, the live-action adaptation of classic didn’t disappoint the audience. The film should not be missed, even though it is not as good as the animated version. However, if you missed the film on the big screen, now you can surely watch it in HD, read on for all the details about it.

the lion king movie watch online

The Lion King

The Lion King is the story of Simmba’s love for his father, for animals of the forest, and revenge from his uncle. The live-action film released on and opened to brilliant ratings from critics.

The New York Post wrote, “The Lion King, Disney’s latest effort in its quest to remake many of its animated classics. This particular “Circle of Life” has taken 25 years to complete its rotation, and now Simba, Mufasa and the once-ubiquitous songs of Elton John and Tim Rice are back again.”

Rating the Hindi version 3.5, Times Of India’s Sreeparna Sengupta wrote, “For those who haven’t seen the original, ‘The Lion King’ (2019) is certainly worth a watch for its gorgeous visuals and technical genius and one’s catching it in Hindi will have Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan adding their spark.”

The Lion King On Blu-Ray

The Lion King Is Now Available on Blu-Ray in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu for fans to watch.

The Jon Favreau directorial is 2 hours long and enjoys 7/10 on IMDb (142K+ votes) and 53% on Rotten Tomatoes (350+ votes).

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