The Last of Us Part II Gameplay video released for PS4

The Last of Us II is coming this June, and fans are really anticipated for it. While the gameplay is already out there on YouTube, here is some ‘attention to detail’ points as well as some things you might find new in this sequel. Don’t worry, this write up does not include any rumors, so read until the end to have a feel for the game.

Protagonist and Story line:

In The Last of Us Part 1, Joel was the protagonist. But, in the sequel, you will play as Ellie. She sets out for her journey in this post-apocalyptic world, leaving Joel behind. Moreover, this time, the developers want you to have a better understanding of Ellie. So, whatever you do, will affect the story. Due to your choices, you might miss a segment of the saga, or you could also find a new piece for a side tale. This will make the game vaster and also interactive.

Interactive Gameplay:

Speaking of interactive, The Last of Us Part II does not stay behind with in-game interaction. Now you can make a unique combination of various substances. When you visit some houses, you find different resources, and you can combine them to create a new element. This way, Ellie can make ammo, health supplies, and more. Hence, this interaction with stuff will give realism to the gameplay.

New Protagonist – Pros and Cons of Ellie:

Remember, you play as Ellie, and not Joel. The game is going to make you realize that as well. With Ellie, you will have certain weaknesses. She is not as strong as Joel, and you will undoubtedly feel that as you take combats. But, at the same time, Ellie is smaller and swifter, so you can prefer to sneak and attack, rather than going all brawl. With this, you can have a better parkour experience as the game developers claim to offer much-improved jumping and going prone experience. Ellie can sneak under buses, jump over houses, and thus, it will bring a more interactive map.

Mechanics and Physics:

The Last of Us Part II is meant to be a strong mechanics game. The company wants you to have a real-world within the game, and so, the game has real like physics. As you may change the course of the story with your choices, but, the realism of the game is also stunning. For example, you can manipulate ‘the infected’ by throwing a bottle (that Ellie can pick up through the course of the journey) and destroy a storm of them by a Molotov. You need to survive off the scrap that you find. So, it is a true survival game.

The Last of Us II has improved graphics. The game is a huge step up from the predecessor. The story, the mechanics, the characters, everything has a change, so the game is meant to deliver an encouraging experience. The adventure of living in an almost destroyed world, among the infected and such realistic graphics, is enormous.

There are plenty of leaks for The Last of Us II, so alertness is advised. The Last of Us II is releasing on 19th June. If you want to know about the story (again, with no spoilers), you can visit our other blogs. For more such more and updates, stay tuned to

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