Spotify now supports sharing songs to Facebook Stories with song preview

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Spotify Music Sharing option now includes Facebook Stories

Here comes a unique way to share music on Facebook stories. Spotify announced in a blog post that moving forward its users can share a track to Facebook Stories somewhat similar to Instagram. You can treat your friends (or fans, if you’re an artist) with the option of 15 secs music track for preview before they can tap into Spotify to listen. On click of it, the viewer will be redirected to the Spotify app to listen to the entire track. Friends can also go for “Play on Spotify” button and look for more alternative tracks.

The integration of Spotify music sharing feature on Facebook Stories was designed keeping music artists and their fanbase in mind. Till date, musicians and their managers were using Spotify app to share on other platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Now it is no longer restricted to the Spotify platform and its integrated apps. Another channel of social media has opened up which can be connected to Facebook followers fanbase.

2018 had seen similar integration of Spotify music clips with Instagram stories. One could share albums, tracks, and even playlists. Facebook had announced a similar feature on Facebook also in the coming days. But the integration implementation with Instagram music is a completely separate feature from Instagram Music. The stories have an integrated link to the music album that links directly to the track on Spotify.

The integration of music feature has found to benefit both Spotify and Instagram mutually. The retention of users on both platforms will increase while making user stories more engaging. Also, the Facebook stories which till date were boring will become more exciting and getting connected musically.

“We’re always building new ways to help you share your music on Spotify with your fans — everywhere they hang out… Today, we’re rolling out a more powerful way to connect with fans on Facebook Stories — with 15-second song previews,” Spotify dubs it rightly.

How to share music clip from Spotify to Facebook Story?

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On the Spotify app, hit the “Share” button from the top-right drop-down menu once you are ready. It will give you the option to choose Facebook Stories as the target app. The album clip can be shared in your Story or News Feed. Once shared, the story can be customized and posted on the profile. Your friends can listen to the 15 secs track and even go back to Spotify if they want to hear the complete version by tapping on “Play on Spotify”

Spotify doesn’t support preview option of albums, playlists, or an artist profile page. Only a single track can be previewed as of now. For the rest, one has to click onto the content on Spotify but you won’t hear a preview.

A similar feature had been supported by Spotify earlier on stories, but the access was later pulled down by Facebook. But now this addition is here to stay, so far it looks like. But do keep in mind that the integration will work only in those countries which support Spotify and Facebook.

Every story, even a 15-second one, can help you reach out to your fans. A powerful means to socialise with you, your music and help spread the love.

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