Snowpiercer TV series to stream on Netflix from 25th May

After the success of Snowpiercer (2013) featuring Chris Evans, Netflix is all set up to release a TV series of the same name. Graeme Manson is the creator of the show.

In the upcoming Snowpiercer series, we will once again witness the gritty and horrible world in which the original movie was set. The series will premiere on Netflix from 25th May with two episodes, and Netflix will add one new episode per week from 1st June.

Snowpiercer tv show

Snowpiercer would feature Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs in the lead roles. They play the role of two people are one of the remnants of humanity living on a perpetually moving train that goes around the dystopian frozen Earth.

The trailer for Snowpiercer depicts the class-difference on the train. Connelly’s character travels in the first-class section of the train, but she is fascinated by the people from the lower classes. As for Diggs, he plays the role of a drug-addicted prisoner who is going to participate in a revolution, eventually.

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