Grab this Samsung One UI Based Theme for your Xiaomi Mobile

We often use more than one Android handsets belonging to different OEMs. Every OEM uses its own customised skin for Android devices and it is quite natural to get confused with the theme icons and designs of different OEM handsets while using them.

We will now talk about a theme that will solve this problem for users operating a Samsung handset running on the latest One UI and a Xiaomi handset running on MIUI 10. It goes without saying that anyone else wishing to try the theme independently on his/her Xiaomi handset can also go ahead. It is a theme known as One UI White V10 that is available for download and install at the moment.

One UI theme Xiaomi

One UI White V10 with a file size of 5.7MB brings a number of changes to your Xiaomi device that would look perfectly in line with your One UI-based Samsung device. The changes would happen with respect to icon style, settings, font, notification, message, lock screen, Whatsapp, etc. It would also help to put the dialer and camera icons on the lock screen.

There are basically two ways to download and install third-party MIUI themes – MIUI Designer Account and MIUI Theme Editor.

1. MIUI Designer Account

  1. Download One UI White V10 MIUI Theme in .mtz extension on your Xiaomi handset.
  2. Launch the Themes application from your mobile apps.
  3. Go to offline mode in the Themes tab.
  4. Click on Import at the bottom of the theme list in offline mode.
  5. Go to the downloaded MIUI Theme and select it.
  6. The theme will be installed.
  7. Select the downloaded theme appearing in the list of offline themes and click on ”Apply”.

2. MIUI Theme Editor

  1. Open Play Store app for downloading and installing the MIUI Theme Editor.
  2. Launch the MIUI Theme Editor.
  3. Click on Browse and select the downloaded MIUI theme.
  4. Click on Start and then click on Next.
  5. Check the Edit file name or path.
  6. Click on Finish after checking the Edit file name or path.
  7. Click on install.

Do not forget to restart the phone after applying the theme.

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