Sponsored: Samsung Galaxy S20 to have a massive price tag

Leaks, leaks, and leaks that’s what we’ve heard about the prices of upcoming Samsung beast, “Samsung Galaxy S20” line up, which is a successor of the Galaxy S10. Something beyond expectations Samsung will be launching this device with the name S20 instead of S11. 

Samsung will be launching this flagship line-up at their event merely after two weeks on 11th February 2020, where the S20 series will be officially unveiled. 

The four devices of the flagship will be Samsung Galaxy S20 4G, Galaxy S20 5G, Galaxy S20+ 5G, and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. All are to be showcased at bit hiked prices. From the recent leaks and according to the latest update from the web, the base device Samsung Galaxy S20 4G is likely to be launched at a price range of something near to 899 USD. The 5G variant of the same device might go up to 999 USD, which will be, of course, a bit more than the 4G variant due to 5G compatible devices embedded into it. 

Another device of the same series the Galaxy S20 plus will be of a bit higher price range and is expected to be launched for the buyers at the price range of 1099 USD or a bit more. This price of Galaxy S20 may look higher to you, but Yup, the S20 is a flagship killer and worth spending money on it.

The highest and the most expensive model of the series will be the S20 ultra, which will be of a much higher range due to its top-notch specifications. Its cost is expected to start from 1399 USD. According to many leaks and rumors, this price for the peak model of the series is relevant for its base edition, which will be of 64 GB. Customers will have to pay extra for its max edition, which is expected to be launched with 8 GB, 128 GB storage variant. The price for this variant might touch up to 1699 USD or near to it but will bring something special along with it. 

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series is no doubt among the few expensive handsets of the flagship range. Samsung gives special attention to this series as it is the best of its time. It is always packed with all the latest technology in the tech world and is every time ready to satisfy the customers. From different surveys, polls, and the talk from the tech world, it is expected that from all the variants as mentioned earlier, the Galaxy S20 4G is going to be the most popular among the buyers. It may be due to its price segment, but it might not go the same as all other variants are also packed with the best specs to grab the attention of the buyers. 

These devices will no doubt be among the expensive once, but looking at their specs, it is worth it. All eyes will be on Samsung’s event on 11th February, where Samsung will officially showcase these devices, with their actual price, and hopefully, there might be some other devices too. 

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