Next-gen Samsung Galaxy Note 11 S Pen might have an in-built mic for better video recording

Samsung Note 10 was just announced and launched in several markets. The S Pen on Note 10 has undergone significant upgrade over its previous generations. It now features a six-axis motion sensor that can help you with navigating around the user interface of the Note 10. However, what it still lacks is a mic which could have given it a practical advantage to record hi-def audio which recording videos.

According to a few reports, Samsung is planning to put a mic in the next-gen S Pen that will come with Galaxy Note 11 in 2020. Samsung showed a demo of the latest S Pen on how to use it for vlogging and controlling the camera of Note 10. You can do this by standing at a distance for the Note 10 and using S Pen as a remote control. But obviously, this will lead to poor audio quality if you are not using a third party mic to record audio separately.

Having an in-built mic in the S Pen itself will enhance the audio quality of the videos. You can hold the S Pen in your hand as a mic when someone else uses the Galaxy Note device to shoot you interviewing someone or recording a video. Many people will love the in-built mic in the S Pen on Note 11 which will be launched next year. These are all mere speculations for now but it will be really sad to see another Note device having an S Pen without a mic.

Written by Navi R

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