Rick and Morty Season 4 rumored to resume in March

The sixth episode of popular American animated cartoon, Rick and Morty Season 4 is rumored to be aired in March. The first five episodes of the fourth season were aired from 10th November until 15th December 2019. Before going on break Adult Swim had tweeted “Rick and Morty Season 4 will return in 2020.”

The tweet at least validates that Adult Swim will be back in 2020 with the rest of Season. The voice artist of Summer, Spencer Grammer had also disclosed that the team has started working on Season 5. Due to frequent alterations to the storyline, Spencer Grammer, who plays the role of Smith has confirmed that the creators have not been able to come up with final dates of the next 5 episodes of Season 4. But if the Season 4 Episode 6 is taking endless months to be released, it’d better be a hella good episode.

Now coming to rumors-there are strong speculations that the second part of the series is coming ‘very soon’ than expected, possibly getting a March 2020 release. The second batch of 6 episodes of Season 1 of Rick And Morty also went on air after a gap. With the delay in Season 4, it seems taking breaks are not uncommon with Rick and Morty.

The plot of episode 6 hasn’t been revealed and as mentioned before, Rick and Morty are quite well-known for doing something out of the blue. So far, the five episodes have focused a lot on adventures.

The main attraction of the fourth season has been the episodes where Rick kept on dying and taking birth in the same universe as his Morty multiple times and the episode where Rick and Morty managed to mess up the timeline.

To continue it further, the next episode storyline should revolve around the adventures of Rick Sanchez, a perpetually drunk scientist and his grandson, Morty. Rick arrives at his daughter, Beth’s home, after 20 years of absence and turns the lives of Beth, her husband Jerry and their children Rick and Summer upside down with his wild experiments.

Using their garage as his laboratory, Rick uses Morty as his guinea pig as they go on dangerous adventures, which end up hurting Morty terribly more often than not.

As for the cast of episode six of the fourth season, the details are sketchy. Till now we have seen Paul Giamatti and Mathew Broderick as guest stars in the fourth season.

As the episode cast is unpredictable, it is hard to say who will feature in the upcoming episodes apart from the main cast. However, we can be pretty sure that creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have planned something amazing for the upcoming episodes.

Though the exact timeline of Season 4 Episode 6 is missing, you can check out a compilation of disgusting but hilarious moments of Rick, the mad scientist!

Owing to the lack of details and the randomness of the series it is hard to predict what we will be getting, but it can be said for sure that the episodes are going to be action-packed and comedic. Great series, worth the wait and the hype!!

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