Reliance offers Free JioFibre to new customers with double 4G Data plans


Amid the high time of Coronavirus Pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering and to avoid the spread of this communicable disease many major cities as well as states have been locked-down all around the world. People are advised to be self quarantined i.e. to avoid gathering and keep social distancing. Due to this, working people are suffering, as they are also advised to work from home.

jiofiber internet

Keeping this in mind, Indian Telecom Company Reliance Jio has offered free broadband connectivity, JioFibre to new customers and also offered more amount of data on additional data top-ups/ data vouchers.

To contribute their bit in the current situations, the company has launched #CoronaHaaregaIndiaJeetega campaign. This promotes people to stay at home and help to prevent the spread of the disease. It covers ‘Work From Home’, ‘Learn From Home’ and ‘Health at Home’. All these have options for online conferences, video calls and even ‘Coronavirus Symptoms Checker’ which helps to identify as well as suggest further steps.

Clearly, all this may lead to high data consumption and to deal that, new customers of ‘JioFibre’ are offered free data with up to 10 MBPS of speed (which may vary according to availability). All you have to pay for is the router only (whose cost varies from Rs. 999 to Rs. 1999). Not only this, but the regular users of the JioFibre are also being provided with double data than their actual plans.

Further, it was announced that prepaid Jio Sim users will get double the amount of data than regular plans on ‘4G data vouchers’. Also, earlier these recharges provided internet data only, but now, these recharge/ vouchers also provide calling plans. Details to the new updated ‘4G Data Vouchers’ is as follows:

  • Rs. 11 -> 800 MB data + 75 mins Jio to non – Jio calls
  • Rs. 21 -> 2 GB data + 200 minutes Jio to non – Jio calls
  • Rs. 51 -> 6 GB data + 500 minutes Jio to non – Jio calls
  • Rs. 101 -> 12 GB data + 1000 minutes Jio to non – Jio calls

All these updates have already been implemented w.e.f. 20th March 2020. Thus, by providing all these extra services, Reliance Jio has claimed the internet to be working consistently and without any compulsion of dealing with buffering and slow internet connections.
What do you think of the above-implemented rules? Do let us know in the comment section.

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