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Redmi & Samsung confirms upcoming phones with 64 MP GW1 sensor

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi grabbed the attention of every mobile enthusiast when they teased one of the upcoming Redmi smartphones with a 64 MP camera. It is a known fact that the company was working on a quad-camera setup for the Redmi series.

Redmi samsung 64MP camera

At Xiaomi’s Future Image Technology Communication conference, the company gave a presentation with a peek at the features the ISOCELL GW1 camera sensor will offer. A few days ago, we speculated that the same sensor might be used in next year’s Samsung Galaxy S lineup- Referencing to the S11 article published a while ago.

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Xiaomi’s Redmi series will probably be the first of the phones incorporating the new ISOCELL GW1 64MP sensor in the smartphone industry. It is a significant upgrade over the 48 MP camera. Samsung claims that the sensor can capture bright, highly detailed vibrant images and offers 38% more pixels.

The sensor is quite large with a 0.8um size. The captured images will have a resolution of 9248 x 6936 and the size of the image will be around 19MB. Xiaomi is reportedly making use of ISOCELL Plus which will help improve the colour reproduction and enable users to use Smart ISO and capture Hybrid 3D HDR. The use of hardware-based HDR is a huge step forward.

Xiaomi has officially confirmed that the sensor will be used in a Redmi smartphone launching later this year. Some speculate that the company will reserve the sensor for the Redmi Note lineup.

Samsung ISOCELL 108 MP Camera

Apart from 64 MP ISOCELL Camera, the event also confirmed that the Chinese manufacturer will make use of Samsung’s 108 MP ISOCELL sensor. Xiaomi said it will be used in the new Redmi lineup allowing users to take photos with resolution up to 12,032 x 9,024 pixels.

Some sources suggest that the 108 MP camera will be used in the upcoming Mi Mix 4. Check out the teaser from Xiaomi in the meantime and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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