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Redmi AirDots review: Best Entry-level true wireless Earphones

There are two versions of AirDots available right now- One made by Mi and the other one by Redmi. Both are almost identical with the Redmi ones being a little better and also the lastest one. So if you are in the market to buy AirDots, prefer the one with Redmi badging.

Redmi AirDots are currently not officially being sold in India. If you want to buy a pair, you will have to put the order either through ShareSave Mi or AliExpress. I will personally suggest AliExpress over ShareSave Mi due to fast delivery speed over ShareSave. That being said, the unit that I am evaluating in this article is also bought from AliExpress.

My main reason to get a pair of Bluetooth earbuds was more of a forced-choice than a willful one. I have the OnePlus 7 which sadly doesn’t come with a headphone jack so I need to have at least one pair of Bluetooth earphones. I started my research with a restricted budget in mind. I could max stretch my budget to Rs 2,000 for a Bluetooth headset that offered the following things:

  • Decent battery back up
  • Small form factor- True Bluetooth earphones only
  • Should not look cheap knock-offs of AirPods etc
  • NO blinking LEDs on them after they are paired
  • Good sound quality for the price
  • Good connectivity range
  • I don’t do a lot of calling so call quality was not a priority over sound quality

The search began and I started scanning through Amazon and Flipkart and of course those Youtube review videos. There are only limited options available if you are strictly looking to buy from Amazon or Flipkart. Few options that I considered were:

Noise Shots True Wireless earbuds

  • What I like:
    • Sweat and waterproof
    • Good battery backup
    • Stylish design
  • What I didn’t like:
    • At least Rs 800-1000 expensive
    • Average sound quality
    • Average reviews
    • More focused on sports activities

boAT AirDopes True Wireless Earphones

boat airdopes
  • What I like:
    • Good sound quality
    • Small form factor
    • Sturdy build
  • What I didn’t like:
    • Starts from around Rs 2,500
    • Mostly remain out of stock

There are many other options available but most of them are cheap knock offs of AirPods and have very poor reviews. I wanted to invest in something for the long term. So Redmi AirDots was the one that ticked off all the boxes. Eventually, I ended up placing an order for AirDots from AliExpress and received them within 10 days.

Delivery Experience:

Many people are skeptical when it comes to shopping from AliExpress or other websites whose seller are located outside India. I am shopping on AliExpress from many years and most of my orders also include products other than electronics or gadgets. Therefore, I had no problem in placing the order for AirDots. They were delivered within 10 days of shipping.

The order was shipped from Singapore and took around 2 days to land at New Delhi airport. Tracking then displayed ‘Held by Customs’ as the status. I immediately messaged the seller who told me to wait for some time. Within a few hours, the status was again updated to ‘Cleared by Customs’. They were then connected further with India Post to deliver to final address. After a few days, I received the package. Overall, it was a very quick and hassle-free delivery experience. I never had to intervene at any point regarding custom clearance or any other type of formality.

Redmi AirDots review

Redmi AirDots on a Credit Card for scale

Now coming to the actual review of the AirDots. First of all, AirDots don’t come with a micro USB charging cable so you have to either buy one or use the one which comes with most Android phones. The seller, however, shipped one along with the package. Not very high in quality, but it’s for free and gets the job done. So that’s a plus! They come with 3 different types of earbud tips for different sized ears. Use the one that fits you perfectly.

Let’s talk about the case first:

It’s a plastic case with black matt finish. The opening and closing mechanism of the case is not very confidence-inspiring. I think you have to be very careful about how much force you apply to it while opening and closing it. The hinge of the case around which the cover rotates feels a little weak. Other than that, job well done I guess. It will be important to see how the case holds up against the test of time.

The case is used to store the earbuds and charge them. The case itself comes with 300mAH battery which can be later used to charge the earbuds on the go. Redmi claims that you can fully charge your earbuds 4 times using the 300mAH charging case. This should ideally give you a listening time of around 12 hours combined.

There is a small LED light on the front of the case that lights up when you plug it in to charge. The red LED simply turns off when the charging is complete instead of changing color to green or something else. So the red LED means charging, and no LED would mean they are charged. You can’t check how much battery is left on the charging case as there is no provision for this. It’s more about guessing and estimating according to your use. Probably some cost-cutting here.

Red LED indicates charging. It will turn off when its fully charged

The earbuds magnetically dock inside the case. Earbuds have two connectors that connect with the pins inside the case for charging. As soon as you put them inside, you will notice the LED on the earbuds lighting up red to indicate that they are charging. When they are fully charged, the red LED will simply turn off.

Pairing Process

The pairing process is also pretty simple. Just take the right earbud out and its LED indicator will start blinking white. Search on your phone for available Bluetooth devices and ‘Redmi AirDots_R‘ should show up. Allow pairing permissions that the phone asks and you will be good to go. Once the right earbud is connected, take the left one out of the case and it should automatically pair with the right one. You also hear a confirmation tone on both the earphones when the connect and disconnect.

White blinking LED indicates they are ready to pair

One issue with the pairing process

Everything goes smooth while pairing the earbuds whenever you pick them fresh out of the case. But reconnecting your earbuds can sometimes become a vexatious process if they disconnect for remaining idle for long or due to some other reason. This is the one problem that I faced while connecting them with the phone without having to put them in the case first. It’s a hit and a miss and I would rather suggest that if they don’t connect once, just put them back in the case. Taking them out again will pair them automatically. Don’t waste your time trying to connect them without putting them in the case.

Comfort and fit

I had to switch left side earbud tip with a smaller one that comes with the package. The overall fit is very comfortable and they don’t fall out that easy. They protrude a little when viewed from the front.

Easily noticeable from front and side profile

Now to actual sound review

So how does AirDots sound? Better than you would expect! They sound really good and can get really loud as well. So you may have to keep volume 2-4 points down from max level. The bass also I find pretty satisfying and a normal user will have no complaints in this department. I use AirDots for watching Youtube videos, listening to podcasts and occasionally listening to music. Not a single time they have disappointed me.

One more detail that I should mention here is that I mostly use only right side earbud. The reason being most of the time I am working on my desktop and I use my normal earphones with desktop. I use the AirDots only when I am using my phone and most of the times, it’s when I am laying down on the bed. So I don’t feel the need to use two earbuds simultaneously while lying down because I am either on my left or right side. Even with one earbud, I find the sound experience to be very satisfying for enjoying videos, podcasts and songs.

You can also freely switch either of the earbuds and put them in the other ear. The right earbud will fit perfectly in the left ear also and vice versa. This is helpful if you plan to use one earbud which is not the case with Apple AirPods.

Both the earbuds have a physical button on top of them which can perform various actions. It’s not a touch-sensitive button but an actual physical one which you have to press with little force until you hear it click. Depending on how you press it, you can use it to play/ pause your song, pick or end a call, wake up Google Assistant/ Siri.

The mic is located on the top side of the AirDots

There is a mic on both the earbuds placed on the top side. The mic quality is bad. It’s below average and you will either have to speak up loud or end up using phone’s mic to talk. I don’t like talking loud no matter if I am on phone or actually talking with someone in person, so I really don’t like the mic here. I can’t suggest Redmi AirDots to someone who makes a lot of calls and need wireless earbuds for the same purpose. It is not completely unusable for taking calls, but mic looks like the area which received inadequate attention.

Final Words:

We don’t have a better ‘Value for Money’ product available in India right now. AirDots not only sound good but are also fairly priced. I am happy with the purchase and I don’t think there is a better option available at this particular price point in the global market.

Redmi AirDots review
  • Best True Wireless earphones at this price point


Redmi AirDots offers an authentic wireless experience with a minimalist form factor and incredible sound quality. The bass will also satisfy most people. A definite recommendation from PhonesWiki.

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