Redditor Discovers a Simple Hack to Get Rid of YouTube Ads

youtube premium free trial skip ads

Have you ever encountered a situation where you are watching a YouTube video or listening to music on YouTube, and suddenly an ad spoils the immersion? A solution to this trouble is to subscribe to YouTube Premium. A Reddit user has found a unique way to get rid of these ads.

youtube premium free trial skip ads

Previously, the hack to skip ads on any YouTube video was to skip the video till the last few seconds, and once it is over, restart the video. By doing this, you would not have encountered ads during the second playthrough.

Now, a Redditor has found another easy to avoid ads on YouTube. This new trick includes adding a dot at the end of the domain. So, a YouTube video that has the URL: will feature ads. On the other hand, if you modify the URL to, the video will no longer feature adds.

According to the Redditor, who discovered this hack, a lot of websites don’t normalize the hostname. So, a site relies on a separate domain to provide ads, a domain that doesn’t contain a dot.

This trick is not only useful on YouTube but also on various websites that hide content behind a paywall. However, as the hack is now revealed, YouTube and many other websites would fix this bug, and soon you won’t be able to bypass ads through this method.


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