Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 spotted on Geekbench- Coming this December

  • Snapdragon 865 will support 5G
  • Qualcomm might announce it in December this year
  • 2020 Flagships will launch with SD 865
  • Samsung’s S11 expected to be the first one with SD 865 SoC

For some time now, Qualcomm was planning to develop the successor of Snapdragon 855. The latest reports coming from Geekbench suggest that the new Snapdragon 865 is already on the drawing board. Though Qualcomm has made no official statement about the new processor, feature-related speculations are already making rounds. The Snapdragon 865 is expected to be launched later this year and will be powering the high-end phones of 2020.

snapdragon 865 release date

Geekbench claims that the new processor is codenamed ‘Kona’ with single-core and multi-core scores of 4149 and 12915 respectively. If we compare that to Snapdragon 855’s 3500 and 11000 on single-core and multi-core, then the improvements are significant.

The speculated system information suggests an Android 10 versioned device with 8GB RAM. The chipset is an octa-core processor with 1.80 GHz of base frequency which is again .20 GHz more than that of current Snapdragon 855. It is expected to follow the identical gold and silver pattern of Snapdragon 855 in which the four gold cores take care of substantial performance tasks. Gold cores in SD 855 are clocked at a higher speed while the silver ones are there for efficiency. The report also suggests the use of msmnile motherboard and a memory of 5674 MB.

TSMC which manufactured the Snapdragon 855 is unlikely to continue its job as Samsung Foundry has been selected to produce the Snapdragon 865 and it will also be using the new 7nm fabrication process. It is based on EUV for better efficiency and thermal performance. The new processor is expected to go under the assembly line from February 2020.

In the past, Qualcomm has launched its flagship chipsets at the Qualcomm Tech Summit that’s held annually in December. Possibly, Qualcomm has planned to uncover the Snapdragon 865 at this year’s summit. A lot is already being said about the 5G capabilities of the upcoming processor, so that is something which is widely hypothesised.

As per the initial reports, there are two models, namely “Kona” and “Huracan” in development and the main difference is 5G support capabilities. However, it’s unclear that which one among them will support the 5G network. As a first in segment feature, the Snapdragon chipset will natively support 5G as the existing 855 chipsets require an additional Qualcomm X55 modem for that. Another anticipated feature of the new processor includes an upgrade to the LPDDR5X RAM standard and faster storage support.

Snapdragon 865 can make its debut with the Samsung Galaxy S11 in February 2020.

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