PUBG Mobile second anniversary update might add old items to the game


PUBG mobile is completing its second anniversary this year. It has been two years already, and the game is still as popular as it was before. With the completion of its second year, we are expecting to see some new things in the game to commemorate this milestone.

Just like PUBG celebrated its first anniversary, the second-anniversary update would also come with a new theme, skins, outfits, and stickers. However, not everything that the update will be new. A recent leak suggests that some of the items from the first anniversary would be reused in this update.

PUBG Mobile was introduced on March 19th, 2018, and has gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of years. Recently, rumors were suggesting how PUBG Mobile will celebrate this milestone. A popular idea provided by “Mr. Ghost Gaming,” who leaks PUBG Mobile updates, was the addition of a season titled “2GETHER WE PLAY.” He posted a video regarding this update, where he showed the colorful theme, new outfits, and other things.

Mr. Ghost Gaming has posted a new video that shows that we are not only going to see new items for the 12th season but also some items from the first-anniversary update. The items were present in the 0.17.0 beta update confirming that they will be present in the upcoming final update. The anniversary set comes with the headgear and helmet, L&Q chicken skin for M762, anniversary backpack, and the lucky rabbit set will also be returning.

The new update could come with the 0.17.0 update that will be launched before season 12, 0.17.5 update.

So, if you did not get to participate in the first anniversary event of PUBG and missed the reward, here is another chance for you. In case you already got the items last year, then you will be disappointed. However, the second anniversary event would be cool, just like any PUBG mobile event. Mr. Ghost Gaming says that the update will go live on February 12th, but Tencent has revealed that they would be launching the update in March.

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