PUBG Season 8 update coming to PC & Console in July with fight returning to Sanhok Jungles

PUBG Season 8 starts on the 22 July on PC with return to Sanhok Jungle

It seems Bluehole Corporation is bringing a new season of PUBG for PC and Console players. A new season always means that there will be a few new guns, skins, vehicles, and season pass. So, what is it with the 8th season of PUBG on PC? Is it bringing back tropical jungles of Sanhok?

A recent tweet from PUBG showed the teaser for PUBG season 8. It revealed the release date of the season as 22nd July for PC and 30th July for the consoles. However, the teaser doesn’t reveal anything specific about the content of the upcoming update. All it mentioned was, “For the Jungle you must wait, until it’s PUBG Season 8.” As far as we know, the only jungle present in PUBG is on the Sanhok map. Does this mean that Bluehole Corporation is bringing something new to Sanhok, or there could be a whole new jungle-themed map for the game?

A Decoy Grenade (decoy) is the latest teaser for PUBG Season 8. Its function is unknown, it can only be to fool the enemy but it does not detonate or if it is going to simulate shooting sounds in the area where it is launched.

We are not sure what that message means, but we are sure about certain things. Take guns and new skins based on the Sanhok jungle theme that will come with PUBG Season 8, for example. Also, it is speculated that Season 8 is likely bring with it a new edition of the Survivor Pass. This in turn will provide players with new challenges, rewards, and loads of excitement.

Only a couple of weeks ago, PUBG for PC got a version 7.3 update that added a realistic vehicle damage system to the game. This new system features a better explosion system, multiple damage zones, armor updates, etc. The game also got a new throwable weapon, the C4, with a 25-meter blast radius, spike trap, parachute follow feature, and an update to the Vikendi map.

The return to the tropical realms of Sanhok jungles will be a nice contrast to winter Vikendi. Sanhok was basically the 3rd map created for PUBG. It was designed around the on-ground areas of Thailand and the Philippines which had been visited by the development team.

There is some news for the PUBG Mobile version as well. The latest version 0.19.0, has added a new map, Livik, to the game. This new update is 1.84 GB on Android and 2.13 GB on the iPhone. Any player who updates the game between 7th July and 13th July will get special rewards. These rewards include 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and a nightmare helmet.


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