PUBG Season 6 Test Servers now live with a host of new upgrades

The sixth season of PUBG will be launched soon. In case you cannot wait to try the new season, you can test some of its features on the test servers. What makes this testing even more interesting is Karain. It is the new map which supports 64 player fast-paced rounds.

Karain is spread over a 4 km square area and features five settlements. These settlements are near the coast, and as you go inland, you will be greeted by open spaces. This open landscape gives you a perfect opportunity to hunt enemies running amok. However, be careful, or you might become the one being hunted. The developers say that Karain will offer a combination of Sanhok’s speed and Miramar’s tense atmosphere.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the map also supports the all-new “black zones” which utilize the new destructible environment feature of PUBG to create havoc by destroying anything unfortunate enough to find itself within this zone.

Now, with the “black zones,” buildings are no longer safe. There is no need to worry as a siren would warn you in advance of the inevitable carnage that is about to be unleashed. If you cannot wait for the “black zones” to destroy a building, then try some sticky bombs, new explosive weapons exclusive to this map. They will come pretty handy in destroying structures.

PUBG’s flying vehicle is also a part of Karain. It works best if you have a friend with you as it lets one of you fly the vehicle while the other one rains death upon your foes.

pubg season 6

The test server also features the new Survivor Pass called Shakedown, along with a few match-making changes.

So, join the test server for PUBG Season 6 ASAP to experience the map and become a pro at it when the update comes out officially.

Written by Parth Singh

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