PUBG confirms Season 5 end dates for PC and Consoles

pubg season 6
pubg season 6

With the reveal of Season 6 of PUBG it was clear that the 5th season which began in October 2019 is coming to an end. Now, PUBG has officially announced the end date for the ongoing season on different platforms. According to the official site, the season will come to an end on January 14th on the PC and January 21st on consoles.

As the season is drawing to a close, the battle pass named “Badlands” would be pulled down from sale on January 14th for the PC and on January 20th on consoles. Once the season ends, the players won’t be allowed to buy level up items and the ability to complete the missions would be removed as well. However, the unused level up items would be carried over to the next season.

If you have any unclaimed skins or coupons lying around, now would be the appropriate time to redeem them by clicking the “Claim All” button. If you don’t claim them before 22nd January on PC and 30th January on console then they would be lost after the server maintenance is finished.

pubg season 5

As for the title rewards, they can be claimed by heading over to SEASON->OVERVIEW->TITLE REWARDS through the lobby. The coupons which remain unclaimed will be rendered useless after January 20th on PC and January 30th on the consoles. So, don’t forget to redeem them.

The rewards are to be distributed in a sequential order and it would be done within a single day. However, if you don’t get the reward then you need to contact the customer care to resolve this issue.

As usual, any player who uses unfair means to obtain a Survival Title may be banned or removed from the list for season rewards. The Survival Title will be reset for the new season and your stats from the previous season would be used to determine your placement for the next season.


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