Facebook SDK crashing out PUBG Mobile, Spotify, Tinder apps on Apple devices

PUBG Mobile, Spotify, Tinder and many more crashing out on Apple devices due to Facebook SDK

Internet got flooded with crash issues reported by users on popular apps such as PUBG Mobile, Spotify, Tinder, Pinterest, TikTok, and many more. These have been reported now by many Apple device users globally. The iOS users are not able to login to these apps because they are crashing out while launching up.

Let us check out the possible reason for the crash issue.

Is #Spotify down for iOS users?

Going by the stats shared by the website DownDetector, apps such as PUBG Mobile, Spotify, TikTok, and Pinterest are currently down for Apple users. The issue was first reported with Spotify at 11:32 BST. People using Spotify have reported the app loads up on launch followed by the Spotify logo appearing before the breakdown. 

The real issue behind the outage is apparently not confirmed. But it is speculated that the critical reason for iOS apps going down could be because of issues with Facebook’s SDK. This is being called by all the crashing apps at the time of login. As of now, it is not very clear about the apps which have been affected due to the outage.

Facebook has updated about the issue on its developer platform and said “We are aware and investigating an increase in errors on the iOS SDK which is causing some apps to crash”

PUBG Mobile, Facebook, and Spotify have informed about being aware of the issue and their team working towards a resolution. Check them out

Business Insider while reporting the news has posted that an anonymous developer has found a temporary workaround to the Facebook SDK issue. At the code level, few Facebook SDK connected features were bypassed. The apps which had been broken started working as normal. This hints at the root cause of the crash to be Facebook SDK. 

People have found few workarounds without entering into the code. Maybe they might solve your purpose. Sharing few with you!

For some Spotify has worked by turning off WiFi and LTE. In other words, iOS apps can be launched offline, in case it helps. The tech giants are working to resolve the outage. Till then you’ll have to wait for the fix to arrive and start using iOS apps once again. Android users have not reported such issues on the same apps.

Facebook going down has not happened for the first time. A similar problem related to Facebook SDK had been reported on May 6. Dozens of apps had also been affected for a major part of the day.

Stay tuned for any update on the fix to facebook SDK issue.