PUBG Mobile Season 11 expected updates


PUBG mobile is arguably the most popular battle royale game on smartphones right now. It was launched in 2017 and became a hit in no time at all. Now, it is heading towards its eleventh season and as usual, we are expecting some changes to the game.

pubg mobile season 11

We have already been shown a teaser regarding the 0.16.5 update which the game will be receiving pretty soon. As Season 10 is ending on the 7th of January, this means the update will be rolled out sometime during the next week. As usual, there will be new skins, new missions, a Royale Pass and a new theme in this update.

According to well known PUBG mobile tipster, Mr. Ghost Gaming, the upcoming updates of Season 11 are already available in the beta version of PUBG mobile. So, we have an idea regarding the updates. But you can expect slight tweaks in the final version.

So, without further delay, let us take a look at what we will be receiving in the update when PUBG Mobile Season 11 rolls out next week.

There’s a news that the snow map, Vikendi on PUBG mobile will be receiving a new update in PUBG Mobile Season 11. It is supposed to be a snow bike that will be replacing the normal bike that was found on this map.

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Posted by Mr.ghost Gaming on Monday, September 9, 2019

If you ever played Call of Duty: Mobile then you might be familiar with the “dominations” game mode. A similar game mode might hit PUBG mobile in the next update. According to the news, the map will have three capture points and the players will be divided into two teams who will fight against one another in order to gain control of these capture points.

A new capture point will be unlocked every 3 minutes in the game. In the end, the team that manages to score the maximum number of points by maintaining control of these capture points will win. What’s more interesting is that this game mode might introduce us to a new map as well, which will be called “Town”.

pubg mobile 11

Deathmatch is a highly popular game mode when it comes to online multiplayer shooters. What could be better than shooting down your opponents again and again in order to reach a target score and win a match?

Unfortunately, this popular game mode was missing from PUBG Mobile but with the Season 11 update we are expecting to see a similar game mode called “Arena Training”. What’s special about this game mode is that instead of choosing your weapons loadout beforehand they could pick up the weapons from the lobby instead.

These were the gameplay-related changes regarding the PUBG Mobile Season 11 update. Now, let us take a look at some cosmetic changes as well. PUBG Mobile released a video on YouTube which showcased some of these cosmetic changes.

On the basis of this video we learned that reaching the Ace Tier would give players a new parachute skin and a new skin for MK-14, there’s a Glacier lab skin for AKM, there would also be a new skin for AWM. As for the theme, we inferred that the game will get a winter-based theme along with some futuristic elements so most of the vehicles, clothes and weapons skin will have wintery elements to them.

So, this was a list of updates that we are expecting from the PUBG Mobile Season 11 updates and before parting, I would like to inform you that the anticipated “PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 Spring Split” is about to be conducted and if you are interested then you could register yourself at  


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