PUBG Mobile: Season 10 Leaks, Weapons & More

Undeniably, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG Mobile is one of the most enjoyed multiplayer game. It becomes more exciting with PUBG frequently offering goodies to add new substance to the game. Tencent had released Season 9 in mid-September to its fans. As per the trend, it is expected to come to an end by mid-November. But it is the PUBG Mobile: Season 10 that is making noise. Expected to be available by mid of November, leaks around Season 10 are already making their way to the internet. 

With Halloween coming up this month many leaks are around Halloween themed items. A tin-man and a witch-themed outfit specially dedicated for Halloweens is rumoured to be in the pipeline. But PUBG might not wait for Season 10 to release it. It is expected to come to you in the next update itself. Halloween Lobby will be made available in Season 10 Royal Pass for all Pass owners. Let us have a look at the information, leaks, rumours, lab skins, weapons, RP rewards available with us. Recently PUBG had announced an iPhone 11 Giveaway, an in-game contest doling out prizes like Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

When can I expect PUBG Mobile: Season 10 To Be Released?

Since it’s first launch on February 9, 2018, every season has lasted roughly three months. The current Season 9 was released on September 13 and expectedly coming to an end on November 7. Going by game tipsters, PUBG Mobile: Season 10 should get deployed by November 12. In fact, you can find a handy countdown in the PUBG Mobile app too!

What will be the cost of PUBG Mobile: Season 10

Season 10 will see a brand new Royale Pass with some amazing new rewards for players! The Elite PUBG Mobile Royale Pass is expected to cost you $12(£9.99). For the Elite Upgrade Plus version, you will be charged $35(£28) bucks approximately. If you are going for upgrades on skins, vehicles, ammunition then it is the right time to start saving.

What to expect from PUBG Mobile: Season 10?

In PUBG Season 10, we might witness the new Payload Mode, an addition to the Arcade Modes. It will be either similar or better than the last special mode drop on Erangel. In the earlier one, players were given a chance to fight with heavy artillery. Grenade and rocket launchers, homing missiles and even helicopters were the accessories used.

Season 10 will bring trendy Avatar Frames for you to show off to your counterparts. There will be an addition of 2 new emotes called Masked Psychic and Envoy of Death exclusive to their own outfits. Golden Pan has also shared four new emotes for Royale Pass subscribers who will get upon completing certain missions and levelling up their RP. A season 10-themed Kar98 finish looks incredibly cool and some will find a new RP 100 outfit to their taste.

Modern pistol, the Desert Eagle or Deagle, should hopefully come in the mobile version in the next season. The gamers on PC and console already have the Deagle with them. It is being looked forward to because it inflicts the maximum damage in comparison to the rest of pistols but with the most recoil. It has features of 62 damage/shot, red-dot and holographic sights, numerous magazines and laser sight. The Deagle exercises .45 ACP ammo with the standard magazine giving the option of 7 rounds and 10 on extended.

You can look forward to lot many rewards on the RP or Royale Pass Rewards in Season 10. It has the latest additions in Gun Skin, Plane, Parachute and Pan. It will also bring in new vehicle skins, weapon complete, acts out, new outlines and even the possibility of a new map! You can add to your collection some new guns like electric guns, flamethrower guns, and a laser gun. Collection of vehicles can be upgraded with likes of monster trucks, an upgraded MPK5 gun and a new map layout.

You can have a sneak peek into some of the skins that have leaked out confirming how much amazing Season 10 will be.

A bunch of new skins with unique helmet finishes include Frog type, Dino Set, Winter Cap and a Mad-Max inspired. Apart from these, there are some 7 to 8 incredibly awesome parachute skins as well. PUBG will be launching an Ace Parachute with a yellow and dark theme decorated by a pan with an “S10” logo on it. The parachute will be made available on Royal Pass Season 10.

Solo, duo and squad titled t-shirts and new vehicle skins for the UAZ, Dacia, Mirado, Buggy and Snowmobile can also be availed in events, Elite boxes. Some can be purchased in the Royale Pass Rewards. Gun skins have also been given a modern finish with blue-streaks available on the UZI, AKM, Groza and the M24.

If you are planning to upgrade your gun lab then Season 10 is offering brand new M416 as well as the AKM skins. The new feature, lab skin, for M416 can be upgraded in the lab and you can get bonus effects in return. Other gun skins to shop will be Mini14, QBU, UZI, VSS to name a few.

Special mention needs to be made about M249 skin. It will be rewarded only to those who reach Diamond tier in Season 10. There are some backpack skins like emoji-based ones, a winter-themed skin, and a military/desert skin. Lastly, there will be skins for melee items including aeroplanes, latest face accessories and masks. But be ready all this will cost you a fortune.

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