PUBG Mobile Season 10 Leaks: Battle Pass, Skins & More

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Leaks

With the rollout of PUBG Mobile Season 10 approaching anytime in November, many would be waiting for any news drop. PUBG Mobile is running it’s Season 9 which will end on November 7. PUBG Mobile Season 10 can be expected to make a debut soon after. There are latest PUBG Mobile Season 10 leaks which give a peek into Season 10’s battle pass, skins, and details.

It was only a few days ago that the developers had completed the final roll out of the version 0.15.0. The main attraction of the release was Payload mode boosting of helicopters and rocket launchers. Now it is the turn of Season 10 to gear up with a new theme, content and rewards.

The PUBG Mobile Season 10 leaks are courtesy YouTuber “Mr Ghost Gaming” who has posted ahead of its official rollout. The new season will have heaps of unique in-game content along with new passes and missions. Tons of significant changes are expected to introduce Royale Pass, skins, emotes, costumes, new weapons and vehicles.

A new season always brings with it a new theme. For Season 10, Tencent Games and PUBG Corp have come up with ‘Fury of the Wasteland’ theme. The visuals drive nostalgia into the world of Mad Max.

M249 gun gets a new skin in Season 10 Royale Pass. In the video, one can see M249 sporting Season 10 branding. There is a high probability that the skin will be a Royale Pass reward for players with the Elite Royale Pass. In addition to M249 skin, Season 10 will have skins for M416 Assualt Rifle and Dacia.

Apart from the skin being offered as a reward, the new Royale pass will extend new parachute skin. There are loads of clothing and weapon skins that are designed to be desert themed. There’s a new wasteland themed M416 and Pan skin along with a lot of new emotes and avatar frames.

After the ‘Fury of the Wasteland’ theme, M249 gun skin, the video talks about the new outfits. They are either unlockable as Royale Pass rewards, or in loot boxes. There are tons of outfits that Season 10 is bringing. Some names leaked cover the Magnetic Soldier set, Mechanical Mercenary set, Assassin of the Dawn set, and Lava Beret set. The Season 10 update will include new headgear themed on Irradiated Frog Set, Apocalypse Guardian Set, Desert Trooper Set and Snowflake Girl Set.

Apart from outfits, there are a bunch of emotes at disposal. In Mr Ghost Gaming video, only a few emote icons for new emotes can be seen. But in PUBG Mobile Season 10 leak video, “Classified YT”, emotes can be seen in action too.

Season 10 will also launch a new weapon- MP5K submachine gun. It will be available in Vikendi. It appears similar to Vector but will use 9mm ammo. It will inflict a higher rate of injury in close-quarter combats than Vector but at a slower firing rate. It is designed to fire 9mm rounds in bursts of three shots and can be fitted with a number of attachments.

Season 10 will have two passes namely Elite pass and Elite Plus pass for its players. The latter one will offer premium content in comparison to Elite Plus holders. Pricing will match the trend set by Tencent Games in its previous seasons. Elite Pass is expected to cost 600UC while the Elite Plus would be priced at 1800UC.

It is tipped that players will not need to download Season 10 from Google Play Store. Instead, it will come as an update to the game. The tipster also confirmed that the update will not carry any supplementary content or modification to the existing game apart from the rollout of the Season 10 content.

There is good news for fans who are waiting for the PUBG Mobile Black Friday Sale. It is tipped that numerous legendary and mythic level items will be up for grabs. Apart from the Black Friday Sale, a new winter event is also in the pipeline. It is tipped to go live in December and will reward players with a new Kar98k skin.

Season 9 cycle is about to end in 10 more days. With PUBG Mobile Season 10 stepping in soon, hurry up to collect Season 9 RP rewards and make the most it.


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